WWE News: Update on CM Punk’s Return To The WWE

CM Punk and the WWE return saga is still ongoing. There seems to be new information on the situation every week. While the CM Punk situation has cooled down some, clearly it has not to a point where no one cares to know what’s going on next. Really, a lot of false information has been going on with CM Punk. Not so much on WWE’s end, as they have told us nothing… leaving us with only information from hopeful fans.

CM Punk walked out of the WWE in January, the night after WWE’s annual Royal Rumble PPV. The story goes that CM Punk was ticked off because WWE was using part-timers in the main events yet again. Although he had no ill-will toward Batista, he was miffed that a man like Dave could walk in and suddenly win the Rumble and get in the World Title hunt for WrestleMania when he clearly didn’t deserve either.

While Punk was somewhat getting over that, when he saw that his position was unacceptable to him, that’s where crap hit the fan. WWE planned to have Punk face Triple H at WrestleMania. CM Punk was by no means happy over this. As a result to all of this, Punk walked out and many fans supported his move.

Obviously however, CM Punk is still under contract. He was also doing a lot of outside WWE projects that only benefited WWE.

So WWE decided that they’d let Punk go home, rest, then talk to him leading up to WrestleMania. This would hopefully be resolved and the two parties could come back together until the end of Punk’s deal this summer.

While the WWE and Punk have remained in talks about him coming back to WWE even dating back to last week according to sources, the main issue is that Punk feels drained and does not feel that a return is needed. Punk has made this even more clear to fans and WWE by asking his girlfriend and WWE Diva AJ Lee to marry him. She said yes by the way.

She has not left the company, but WWE has given her time off to get wedding plans together. This is why she dropped the Diva’s Championship to new Diva Paige the night after WrestleMania.

WWE has been making sure to take advertisements off of the records for Punk being at any event they go to across the country. Obviously this is so they do not lie to fans. Keep in mind, WWE makes these event dates months in advance. So obviously they made many of the events over the last few months dating back to last year.

Punk and AJ will tie the knot sometime in the future, starting a life that Punk has been wanting to do for some time. AJ has expressed no desire to leave the WWE like her fiance. This could mean that Punk is taking time off for now, but will go back to WWE and be with AJ once he feels ready to do so.

Many people feel that CM Punk left to recharge and heal up. Yet, they also feel he will return again. The issue in WWE’s eyes is that they do not know when he will do so. The most important part to them is that, now that Punk’s deal is about to expire, to come back in the future he’d have to sign a new deal. Would WWE want to sign a man that they have had issues like this with? Very few times WWE has been unable to do business with someone. In Punk’s case however, they could have found a match that could make them uncomfortable.

Currently, WWE has still been selling Punk merchandise, something they continue to give percentages to Punk for due to his contract. This does not mean he is back. Rather, because he is still under contract they have the right to sell merchandise of his. Chances are, they will not make new merchandise with his name involved unless he is set to return.

If he never returns, it seems CM Punk will be happy. Money wise, Punk stated years ago that he was already set for life. So he does not need to be back in the WWE for the money or for the fame. He doesn’t care for either. So don’t expect any TNA signing in the future.