Ed Sheeran Is Talented Enough To Do 'Anything He Wants,' Says Martin Garrix

Ed Sheeran seems to leave people completely impressed wherever he goes.

If you dislike the "Lego House" singer as a person, then there's probably something wrong with you. Even if people can't stand the guy's music, chances are they think Sheeran is a fairly decent human being. Considering Ed makes friends with just about everyone, it's not altogether surprising that EDM star Martin Garrix is in awe of the singer.

The 17-year-old producer recently sat down for chat with the folks at Idolator during his appearance at Coachella. Not only did he discuss the amazing success he's enjoyed with the electro-house song "Animals," he also talked about working with Ed Sheeran.

"That track is one of my first vocal tracks. I'm beyond excited for that one, I'm going to finish it with Ed in LA. I made the chord progress, I sent it his way then [Ed Sheeran] wrote a topline and sent it to me. The first time I listened to it, I was like 'holy s***!'" Garrix explained to the website.

He continued, "Ed is such a talented guy. He can do anything he wants. He can make hits in his sound and he can write toplines for electronic music and that's the coolest thing. For me it was really a pleasure to work with him."

Garrix admitted that he enjoys working with people outside of the proverbial box since it often leads to the most interesting tracks. It's no wonder that the guy was eager to get in the studio with Sheeran.

Although lots of people seem to think Ed Sheeran is beyond talented -- he's made fans out of both Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift, among many others -- some folks aren't convinced that the singer-songwriter is the real deal. In fact, someone posted at question over at Yahoo! Answers to see if anyone believed Sheeran was completely overrated.

Not surprisingly, very few people believe Ed is a fraud.

"I think he's one of the least overrated artists in music, he can sing, he writes his own songs, plays his own music... all of which are surprisingly quite rare in this day and age. He is where he is because the people love him! He doesn't write or sing about what is considered to be popular, its all really down to earth and honest," one user explained.

Sheeran fans will see just how much he's grown since his debut album when X drops later this year. The record is presently slated to arrive on June 23.

Are you a fan of Ed Sheeran? Do you believe the singer-songwriter has enough talent to do whatever he wants in the music industry?