Dolly Parton Releases "Better Day" Her Latest Studio Album

James Johnson

In this day and age having a single sell well on iTunes is an accomplishment, but back in the day artists would hit the road, record endlessly and constantly be releasing albums, that's why Dolly Parton's new album Better Day isn't her third, fourth, fifth or even sixth, but instead her 41st studio album.

Just like her 2008 release Backwoods Barbie this newest offering from Parton jumps around from mainstream country "Together You and I" and rambling about life, love and the rejection of End Times on "Better Day" where she exclaims “Drop this doomsday attitude."

If nothing else the disc provides the type of Dolly talk we've come to expect from the performer, with lyrics like “You don’t drink the water if you don’t dig the well."

From traditional country with it's southern twang to coping an attitude with her listeners, Dolly Parton's "Better Day" is the same old Dolly and her fans will probably be just fine with that fact.