Ariana Grande Unveils ‘Problem’ Artwork On Twitter [Photos]

Ariana Grande is just days away from dropping her new single on the masses.

After teasing fans for what seemed like ages, the Sam & Cat star is finally close to releasing her sophomore album. To get everyone impossibly excited about the new single and the follow-up to Yours Truly, Grande has shared a ton of eye-catching artwork on Twitter.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Ariana asked her fans for a little help choosing which artwork to use for “Problem.” After sifting through the countless suggestions, the singer finally selected the best photo for the job. If you’re at all curious to see Ariana Grande’s selection, then cast your eyes to the pic embedded below.

Here’s the image again in black and white if that’s your thing.

If you’re disappointed that Grande didn’t choose the other image, then you’ll squeal with absolute delight knowing that she’s using the other artwork in her countdown to the single’s release. Have a close look at one of the other pics the singer has shared.

The artwork for “Problem” also confirmed that Ariana Grande teamed up with rapper Iggy Azalea for the song. Once news started to spread that the musicians had properly joined forces, Azalea addressed the situation with a tweet of her very own.

“Well, I’m extremely happy to be a part of Ariana Grande’s new record and I’m warning you now… She may be small but the record is huge,” the rapper explained to her followers on the micro-blogging site. This collaboration will no doubt generate a slew of new fans.

MTV News points out that “Problem” is probably the first single from Ariana’s untitled sophomore album. Although it’s likely that the record will drop within the next month or so, Grande and her handlers haven’t coughed up a proper release date as of this writing. Cross your fingers and wait patiently — more info about the project should arrive shortly.

If you need more Grande-related material in your life at this very moment, then check out the trailer for her duet with Chris Brown. “Don’t Be Gone Too Long,” a title that ended up becoming strangely prophetic, is reportedly coming soon. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when that will happen.

Are you looking forward to the latest musical endeavor by Ariana Grande?