Tracy Morgan: Reddit AMA Reveals He Once Farted In Front Of Kate Upton

When Tracy Morgan visited Reddit for an AMA yesterday, not everyone was excited. The AMA post received 53 percent upvotes from a total of 27658 voters, meaning almost half of those Redditors downvoted the 30 Rock star's thread. Perhaps some of them still couldn't forget the bad taste his "sexist" jokes left last year, which reportedly drove whole crowds of viewers into a massive walkout from his performance in Melbourne. Maybe, it was the "homophobic" bit Tracy performed two years earlier, which angered LGBT groups and squeezed an apology out of Morgan.

Nevertheless, the funnyman proved yesterday that he still go the jokes to attract people to him. Tracy's presence on yesterday's Reddit AMA, where celebrities check in from time to time to receive questions from fans, managed to bring a very huge crowd into his comic lair.

And what did we learn from the crazy life of Tracy Morgan? A lot!

One of them is that the comedian once farted in the presence of supermodel Kate Upton. This was revealed when user SmartyCoulottes asked "Who is the most famous person you have farted around that you are definitely sure smelled it?", to which Tracy Morgan responded with the 21-year-old actress' name. User cjk98 commented: "Some people would pay good money for that opportunity".

User spongeworthy asked Tracy:

"How do you stay so fresh?"
Morgan gave a nice piece of advice on how to stay so:
"Well, you know, just wake up everday, know what I'm saying? And having a short memory, you know? Yesterday is yesterday, and that helps keep things FRESH. F-R-E-S-H, Fresh! And I'm not just fresh, I'm so fresh and so clean-clean."
One of Tracy's most popular characters is Brian Fellow, an animal-loving adventurer who, despite not finishing any advanced degree in environmental sciences (he only finished sixth grade), managed to snag an educational show which he hosts. The character is popular on SNL and some redditors got curious on how Brian Fellows came into being.

Redditor Frajer asked "Who came up with Brian Fellow's Safari Planet?"

Tracy Morgan answered: "Me. I did. I went to school with a guy named Brian Fellow."

Here is one funny sample of Tracy Morgan's Brian Fellow:

User CokeFryChezbrgr posed a more challenging question:
"You're in an elevator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock, Terry Crews, and Bruce Lee. Who do you slap?"
To which Tracy gracefully responded:
"I'm not slapping ANY ONE of them. I'm not going to slap any one of them. Everybody in the elevator could beat me, if that's what you want to hear. Everybody in the elevator could whoop my ass, and I'm not slapping nobody."
The rest of Tracy Morgan's AMA can be found here.

[Image from David Shankbone via Flickr]