‘Scandal’ Crazy Season 3 Finale Shocks Fans With The Death Of [Spoiler Alert]

WARNING: Major Scandal spoilers ahead.

ABC’s Scandal is faithful to its name for its Season 3 finale last Thursday with a whirlwind of drama and plot twists that makes all other season finales pale in comparison.

For a show where character deaths sometimes feel like a dime a dozen, one character’s untimely death shocked fans and changed the course of the presidential race.

President Fitzgerald (Tony Goldwyn) was prepared to lose the election, after his Vice President Sally Langston (Kate Burton) was “canonized” for going back to the site of a bomb attack and helping the wounded, gaining the public’s favour and seeming like a sure win for the presidential race.

Believing that this was his last term as President, Fitz tells Olivia (Kerry Washington) in a wistful moment that they can move to Vermont, get married and have two kids after he divorces his wife Mellie (Bellamy Young). Oliva then reveals to Fitz that Mellie was raped by Big Jerry, Fitz’ father. Olivia tells Fitz:

“I wouldn’t want you if, knowing what you know now, you left her now.”

Shocking Death

Fittingly titled The Price of Free and Fair Election, Fitz beats all odds and is elected for a second term as president, but at a horrible price—the death of his son Jerry (Dylan Minnette) from bacterial meningitis on Election Day.

Olivia’s mother Maire Wallace, aka Maya Pope (Khandi Alexander) is connected to Jerry’s death, and Rowan Pope (Joe Morton) offers Fitz his help to find her and catch her.

The real shocker comes when it is revealed that Jerry’s death was no accident, but was in fact a vengeful murder perpetrated by no other than Rowan Pope, saying “He took away my child so I took away his!”. And once again, Rowan is in charge of the black ops organization, B613.

Olivia And Fitz – No More Scandal?

It also appears as if Olivia and Fitz are done for good. “I’m the scandal, and the best way to handle a scandal is to shut it down.” Olivia says to Jake (Scott Foley), finally deciding to leave Washington DC and Fitz behind. “Run away with me. Save me,” Jake tells her, asking her to take him with her. Ignoring a call from the White House, Olivia flies off into the sunset with Jake.

With this season of Scandal ending in multiple cliff-hangers, and one death shocking the Scandal crowd, fans will be left speculating until the show returns for Season 4, most likely to premier in 2015.