Justin Bieber Gets Aaron Carter ‘Punch’ Apology After Drake Bell Shaming

Justin Bieber may be bringing his detractors to heel one at a time. Aaron Carter’s apology is the latest example.

The “Aaron’s Party” singer, who rose to fame in the late 1990s as a child star, took to Twitter on Friday, April 18, and apologized to Bieber for tweeting [and deleting] an April 12 message which read:

“I think I just need to punch @justinbieber in his face and then he will go back to normal. @DrakeBell lol.”

In his Friday apology, Carter wrote:

I just wanted to stop today and APOLOGIZE to @justinbieber for saying I wanted to punch him in the face. I didn’t mean it and I’m sorry man

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter) April 19, 2014

Some times you gotta just stop think and do the right thing.. I’m more mature than that and I support @justinbieber in everything he does. — Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter) April 19, 2014

According to multiple reports, Carter’s “punch” tweet was sent at the end of his accidental rendezvous with Bell, after both were trapped at an airport during a layover last Saturday.

The delay eventually resulted in Carter missing his brother Nick”s wedding, but provided Bell and Carter with time to kill which they used to insult Bieber.

Along with Carter, Bell — whose dislike of Bieber and unilateral two-year bashing of the star in a recent rant to BuzzFeed is on record — both set about posting tweets to each other and snaps of themselves to their respective Instagram pages, all the while mocking Justin.

Actually glad I got delayed! Got to catch up with my old friend @aaroncarter pic.twitter.com/f8MRwzqAJt

— Drake Bell (@DrakeBell) April 13, 2014

At the end of their Bieber hate-fest, Carter posted a video lampooning the “Baby” superstar à la Lie Witness News, a sketch which featured on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last year in which a group of Bieber fans demonstrated ridiculously, unconditional support for their idol.

“Well, I mean, he’s Justin Bieber. He’s, like, the king of pop. He can do whatever he wants,” said Bell, with a wide-eyed expression, replying to the notion of his nemesis driving around on baby seal tires.

Inevitably, Bell and Carter’s airport antics went down like lead balloons with Bieber fans, with both ‘stars’ later responding to the dragging with Bell tweeting:

Drake Bell Is An Internet Troll

While Carter went all in and compared Belieber fans unfavorably to his own.

The cool thing about #aaronators is they’re actually real people #beliebers if you’re actually that offended… http://t.co/JJY65aorVV

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter) April 13, 2014

On the same day, Carter appeared to try and placate online anger and acknowledged his own headline-making past, tweeting:

I’m not one to judge though I’ve had my fair share of mistakes and stupid decisions as well at least I made it out alive

— Aaron Carter (@aaroncarter) April 13, 2014

In contrast, in the lead-up to Bell’s album release party on Thursday, April 17, Drake threw yet more passive-aggressive zingers at Bieber in a fresh interview with Celebuzz.

Come the night of Bell’s party, held at Mixology in the Grove, Los Angeles, the unforeseen happened.

He was upstaged by none other than Bieber, who, it seems finally had enough of the one-sided feud and crashed Bell’s party.

In a nutshell, Bieber pulled up in front of Mixology in a Sprinter van. Fans – both Drake’s and Bieber’s — lost their minds, mobbing the van.

Bieber also later posted two devastating Instagram posts.

One was an Instagram video which showed hysterical fans greeting him with the fanfare of an Emperor, next to a caption that omitted any reference to Bell and deadpanned: “So nice seeing my fans at the grove tonight.”

Bieber’s other post, which he deleted, showed Bell on a balcony watching the heartthrob’s van getting The Beatles treatment.

The caption was a burn for the ages.

Drake Bell Shamed

Around the Internet, apart from die-hard Drake & Josh fans, there appears to be little to no sympathy for Bell as he clearly had it coming.

Perhaps Carter’s apology is a reflection on the aftermath of Bieber’s masterclass shading of Bell and a personal decision to choose a — dare we say it — less bat-crazy side?

Whatever the motivation, an apology for an unnecessary punch is always good. As at press time, Bieber has not yet publicly responded to Carter’s mea culpa.

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