Hannah Montana Is Dead And Buried... According To Miley Cyrus' T-Shirt [Photos]

Todd Rigney

Hannah Montana is currently resting in peace. If you need further proof, then please direct your attention to Miley Cyrus' wardrobe.

The controversial singer made it painfully clear that she has absolutely no intention of going back to the world of Hannah Montana anytime soon. During her appearance on Saturday Night Live last year, Cyrus revealed that her former alter ego was the unfortunate victim of murder. If that doesn't speak volumes, then we don't know what does.

In a few cringe-worthy pics floating around online, Miley sports a black "R.I.P. Hannah Montana" shirt while posing for photos with a few fans. In case you were wondering, her tongue makes an appearance in these images. It's apparently hard for the singer to anywhere these days without that body part showing up.

Check out the Hannah Montana shirt in all its glory below.

Miley Cyrus has an rip Hannah Montana shirt. I might actually cry. pic.twitter.com/MfJBCkvpOC

— Nora LeBlanc (@nora_leblanc13) April 16, 2014

Miley Cyrus elle porte un t-shirt anti-Hannah Montana pour rencontrer ses fans! pic.twitter.com/EkZxDcHujn

— MaïlineCauet1DLoveU (@mailinefan) April 12, 2014

@MileyCyrus wore "RIP Hannah Montana" t-shirt on M&G tonight pic.twitter.com/wlSBPI2TAp

— Miley Updates (@FamilyOfSmilers) April 11, 2014

Although Miley bid farewell to Hannah Montana years ago, there's a large group of people who still hope that Cyrus will turn her back on wrecking balls and giant inflatable dogs. Unfortunately, it's painfully clear that she has no intention of going back to Disney or the character that put her on the proverbial map.

The Inquisitr previously reported that a number of websites played around with fan emotions on April Fools' Day. The folks at Fanshare ran a fake story about Cyrus signing on for another Hannah Montana movie. Of course, the whole thing was nothing more than a prank designed to mess with your mind.

The website reported:

"Miley is have a difficult time of things lately and the negative comments have been getting to her a lot more than she has been letting on. After sitting down with her team they agreed that the best way to win back her fans was to go back to where it all began. Miley was reluctant to start with but now she cannot wait to start shooting the Hannah Montana movie."

Unfortunately, it's highly doubtful that Miley Cyrus will embraced Hannah Montana again. If her career dries up and she needs some sort of resurgence, then it's possible she could resurrect the character at some point down the road. However, it's best to assume Hannah is dead and buried for the moment.