‘Orange Is The New Black’ Trailer Hits The Web [Video]

The girls from Orange is The New Black are back in town. After months of waiting for the second season trailer, Netflix has finally released the full thing. A few weeks ago we previewed a teaser trailer of the ladies released by Netflix, and while it didn’t show us nearly enough, it looked extremely promising for fans of the show.

Now that the first official trailer is up we can confirm that Orange Is The New Black’s second season looks to be just as insane, if not more, than last year’s season.

“It’s hitting the fan. It’s getting real. Next level crazy.”

That’s what season 2 will be all about, according to the new trailer for Orange Is The New Black. From what we can see it looks like they make good of their word, as lead Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) gets an ever bigger backbone, in solitary confinement after beating Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning). In fact, it looks like she gets even more violent this season.

We also see a few new additions to the cast. One in particular is Vee, who seems to have multiple ties when she comes into the prison. As we previously reported, Vee has close ties to Red (Kate Mulgrew). It looks like the tension is already high between those two, as it was reported that Vee will cause some trouble for Red. Vee (Lorraine Toussaint) is a “longtime street thug” and was jailed for being in charge of her own drug business that used children as drug runners. Yikes! Another person that seems to find a very reminiscent connection with Vee is Crazy Eyes. While she only had eyes for Chapman last year, she seems to have gotten over her heartbreak. Guess that means we won’t see Crazy Eyes urinating in anyone’s block anytime soon.

As for other characters it looks like Alex will still be in season two, but we don’t really know what that means in terms of screen time. It was heavily rumored that actress Laura Prepon would be leaving after a few episodes, and then that was denied. Then another rumor said she wouldn’t be a regular, and so far that wasn’t really confirmed either. One thing we noticed is that Alex shows up for a split second in the trailer while other characters are heavily featured in the upcoming look of season two.

Another character that’s up in the air is Miss Claudette (Michelle Hurst). Back in January we reported that Hurst was involved in a car crash that left her in a medically induced coma. Although she’s said to be in stable condition we don’t exactly know what that means for her character in Orange Is The New Black.

The new season kicks off on June 6 on Netflix.

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