April 17, 2014
The Iggy Azalea A**: Nick Young Promises To Do Something Illegal To It

Iggy Azalea was out on the town in Los Angeles Wednesday night, with her boyfriend of five months, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young, and while wherever Iggy goes all eyes tend to gravitate toward her sizable hind quarters, Young made it clear to an assembled crowd that he was looking forward to doing something illegal to that part of the Iggy Azalea anatomy.

Come to think of it, Young, who goes by the hip-hop style nickname Swaggy P, seemed pretty happy considering the occasion. Earlier last night, he played in the Lakers' final game of the season, against the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio, Texas. Presumably, Young couldn't wait to meet up with his 23-year-old girlfriend and must have headed straight from the airport to the celebrity-magnet 1 Oak nightclub in West Hollywood.

The evening marked the end of the 28-year-old journeyman guard's first season with the Lakers and he enjoyed the distinction of playing a large part in the team's worst season since moving to Los Angeles from Minneapolis in 1960.

Despite the solid play of the flashy Swaggy P, the Lakers missed the NBA playoffs for only the sixth in the franchise's 66 year history. The team's 55 losses were the most the Lakers ever suffered in a single season and its.329 winning percentage was the club's lowest since 1958.

And how best to drown an NBA player's sorrows? In the ample ass of Iggy Azalea. At least if you're Nick Young.

As the couple emerged from the ultra-trendy nightclub, a waiting reporter from the celeb-stalking site TMZ attempted to ask Nick Young why he, in his first year with the Lakers, addressed the crowd at the team's final home game.

Nick Young responded by helping Iggy Azalea into a waiting car and saying in effect, that he has the right to assume the team leadership of the Lakers because he gets to go home and have sex with Iggy Azalea — and perform questionable acts on her ass.

"I'm the star! I'm Swaggy P! You see what I'm going in this car with?" he ranted, pointing to Iggy Azalea. "What I'm gonna do with this shouldn't be legal —ALL OF THAT ASS!"

There was no further comment from Iggy Azalea, who has already seated her ass on the back seat of the car.