Justin Bieber To Nosy Paparazzo ‘Just Don’t Talk’ Before Selena Gomez Questions [Video]

Justin Bieber politely tells a paparazzo stalking him ‘Just Don’t talk’ while strolling in Los Angeles Wednesday and remained completely calm. Is girlfriend Selena Gomez having a positive influence on the heartthrob?

Justin Bieber’s relationship with paparazzi has seen him make headlines on more than one occasion and resulted in classic moments like his face-off with a London shutterbug, and at least two ongoing civil lawsuits with photographers.

But in a recent meet with a photog Justin kept his cool, and it seems his back on relationship with actress-singer Selena Gomez has brought him back to his old self.

On Wednesday, the 20-year-old singer was followed by a TMZ paparazzo firing a string of questions which became more personalized, as the Biebs and his crew walked through The Grove in Los Angeles.

The whole exchange was videoed by the paparazzo and later posted by TMZ. Inevitably, the gossip website and other tabloids compared Bieber’s polite requests to Kanye West’s run-ins with photogs. But, the two stars are miles apart.

As can be seen in the clip, Bieber and his bodyguards remained calm with the professional stalker and appeared to just want to get from A to B without being badgered by questions.

After the photog fired off at least four queries about Justin’s recent surprise hype man appearance with Chance The Rapper at Coachella over the weekend, the Canadian told the bugaboo:

“I’m not about to answer any of your questions man, just please, just stop.”

When the photo replied that he was just doing “his job” questions at him, Bieber replied,

“You can keep filming just don’t talk.”

For a short while, the paparazzo stopped talking as he continued to film the singer and his group’s walk to a waiting van.

Seemingly grateful for the brief silence, Justin actually thanked the photographer toward the end of the clip.

However, he spoke too soon. Just before the singer got into a van, the pap unleashed a list of nosy probes about Gomez.

“Justin, you gon’ reconcile with your girl man?” came one question. “You and Selena are good?” came another.

Selena Gomez

(Photo: Gomez is said to be having a positive influence on Bieber/ Wire Image.)

Moments later, the singer’s van door closed.

Bieber’s well-behaved manner in The Grove comes after reports this week suggest the singer is now “ready to make come changes in his life,” and is “weeding out bad influences.”

An insider told E! News,

“He’s making more of an effort to hang out with people who are positive influences in his life.”

Adding, “He has started listening to the people around him and he knows it is not too late to change things.”

If the calmer, happier Bieber is a permanent return to the good, old days, paparazzi around the world may want to thank Selena Gomez.