Dress Code For Parents, Would You Be Okay With It?

A dress code for parents is reportedly being suggested by a south Florida Public School district board member, following incidences of people dropping off kids in less than appropriate attire.

Let’s face it, mornings are rushed and if you have to get kids ready for school, make them breakfast, and prepare their lunches, you are probably not thinking about what you are going to wear when you drop them off at school.

But if one Broward County school district board member has her way, you may have to start following a parent dress code when you make your morning runs.

If you are a parent with school aged kids, you’ve seen it or done it. You’ve gone to school dressed in less than appropriate clothes, but who has time to choose a wardrobe during a hectic school day?

There are those who simply walk out of their house in their pajamas, though most people really don’t care it is somewhat disturbing to think that someone just got out of bed, took care of the kids and brought them to school wearing the same clothes they had on all night. And they probably didn’t even brush their teeth.

We also have those who wear saggy or revealing clothes. Nobody needs to see anybody else’s skin, especially in certain areas of their bodies and when kids are around.

With this in mind, Broward County Public Schools board member Rosalind Osgood brought up the touchy topic during a recent school board meeting, according to a report in the Sun Sentinel.

Osgood cited the case of some dads coming to morning drop off with those saggy pants and how it is not an appropriate dress attire and poor example for the kids, which are prohibited from wearing said pants, according to their dress code.

Speaking to Yahoo Shine, the mother of three explained:

“I’m not trying to instill a strict dress code. This is about basic presentation — many parents pick their children up wearing curlers in their hair, sweatpants that fall down, and even pajamas. How can we teach our children to be serious about education if their parents don’t set the right tone?”

Osgood adds that she doesn’t want to institute a strict dress code for parents, but make it so they dress like they would if they were going to dinner, work, or church.

Sweatpants would be acceptable, as long as the rest of the person looks presentable (this includes combed hair) and jeans that are not ripped are okay as well.

“It’s hard to take parents seriously when they’re dressed sloppy, and it embarrasses the children, too. People have been telling me to focus on other issues, but this is important.”

What do you think of a parent dress code? Should this board member focus on education or is she on the right track? Let us know your thoughts on the space below.

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