Kate Middleton Called A Complete Fruit By Prince William

Kate Middleton And Prince William

Kate Middleton may be a style icon to hordes of horsey type women who really should know better, but to the future King of England Kate’s fashion sense is just a little too fruity.

Or to put it simply, Prince William has accused Kate Middleton of looking like a banana.

“He did what!” You can almost hear the unruly gangs of red-faced royalists snarl and spit in unison as they violently froth at the mouth in a righteous and nostril flaring indignation at the very thought of some common bounder daring to criticize their Kate. Until, of course, they realize it is Prince William doing the criticizing and all is forgiven.

Apparently it was Kate Middleton’s choice of dress for the royal’s couple visit to Australia what done it. Middleton made the bold, some would say brash move, to touch down in the land of Oz in a bright yellow dress.

Kate Middleton’s colorful choice of attire was always going to turn a few heads, and perhaps a fair few stomachs, but yellow is a notoriously difficult shade to carry off, just ask the nearest canary, and really, shouldn’t someone in Middleton’s position be opting for a far more subtle and refined hue?

Kate’s husband obviously thinks so. During a visit to Sydney’s Opera House, Kate Middleton revealed to a woman called Heather Easton that, “William said I look like a banana.”

Oh, dear Kate. What a pickle. To add insult to Middleton’s injury, this isn’t the first time that Prince William has turned into a scathing and acid-tongued fashion critic when it comes to poor old Kate. A few days prior to the ‘yellow peril’ incident, Kate had been wearing an emerald green coat in New Zealand, which may have been a big hit with some, but was a definite no no as far as Middleton’s man was concerned.

A pensioner from Cambridge calling herself Bev Hayes complimented Kate Middleton on her coat and later said, “She said she liked it but Prince William thought it was a bit bright.”

For those of your deeply obsessed by such materialistic trivia, the frightful yellow dress Kate Middleton was wearing was a Roksanda Ilincic dress which retails at nearly two thousand dollars. Looking like a banana doesn’t come cheap, you know.

In the wake of Prince William’s aggressive attack on his wife’s unusually bright hue, will Kate Middleton now make a speedy return to the drab and dreary conservative sense of style she is renowned for? Or will the sunshine down under release Middleton’s inner Miley Cyrus?