Was Lindsay Lohan’s Show Canceled By Oprah Winfrey?

Lindsay Lohan's show on OWN

Rumors started this morning that Lindsay Lohan’s show Lindsay was cancelled by OWN’s Oprah Winfrey. This, among other variables surrounding Lindsay’s life right now, doesn’t look very good. The rumor that Oprah canceled Lindsay Lohan’s docu-series came on the heels of reports that Lohan fell off the wagon during the Coachella music festival.

The rumor sounded feasible considering Lohan’s hesitance on shooting the show, as well as not following the rules that were structured for Lohan to follow while taping was going on. All of that considered, it doesn’t look like Oprah actually cancelled the show.

E! reports that the OWN series wasn’t cancelled. A rep from the network said:

“Rumors that it is being canceled are untrue. The intention was always to do eight episodes. The show is not being canceled.”

It’s still a bummer for fans of Lindsay, as they will no longer get their weekly fix of the actress taking clothes in and out of boxes, fighting with her personal assistant, and of course, her confessional style sit downs.

If going by the rep’s statement, it alludes that the show wasn’t cancelled by Oprah, but it won’t be producing any other episodes in the future, as this seems to be a limited engagement agreed upon by OWN and Lindsay Lohan. It’s not a surprise that Lohan won’t be filming any more episodes when taken into consideration just how bothered she was about taping the initial eight.

Earlier this week Rosie O’Donnell shamed Lindsay through tweets, calling her a, “tragedy on every level.” O’Donnell, who openly speaks about being addicted to the fame game, continued, “I hope one day she gets sober for real and watches these episodes – n sees what we all do.”

These comments follow Lohan’s adventures at Coachella. As previously reported, an insider at the festival told In Touch that Lindsay definitely wasn’t sober while attending the music festival over the weekend.

“She looked completely out of it. She couldn’t stand up straight and she was frantically chain smoking cigarettes. The group was standing in a small cabana, booth type thing and one of the friends was making regular trips to the bar.”

The source continued, “I overheard the friend order four vodka sodas and when he carried them back to the group. He handed one to Lindsay and she started drinking it. She didn’t seem to care who saw and none of the group seemed concerned.”

Hopefully Lindsay Lohan finds peace now that her series is over with.

[Image Credit: OWN]