Jermaine Jackson Slams Debbie Rowe’s Claim That Michael Was Only Talented One In The Family

Jermaine Jackson Slams Debbie Rowe's Claim That Michael Was Only Talented One In The Family

Jermaine Jackson is taking aim at Debbie Rowe’s claim that Michael Jackson told her his brothers had no talent, saying that the Jackson 5 was the whole reason Michael was famous in the first place.

In an impassioned interview, Jermaine slammed the claims Rowe had made about the family’s talent.

“If it wasn’t for the Jackson 5 there would be no Michael Jackson,” he told TMZ, adding, “That’s what gave him the launching pad to become what he became.”

Debbie Rowe had reportedly said that Michael believed he and Janet were the only talented ones in the family, a claim that didn’t sit well with brother Jermaine Jackson.

Jermaine has also been critical of Debbie’s role in the lives of the children she shared with Michael. After Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson reportedly attempted suicide, Jermaine suggested that the teen was lacking in proper guidance.

“[Paris] has to learn there are certain guidelines when you grow up being a teenager,” he said. “There are rules.”

Jackson implied that the problem was with her guardianship. “I just think that … things could have been enforced a little stronger.”

Debbie was also broken up over the incident.

“I almost lost my daughter,” Rowe said on the stand in August while testifying in the Michael Jackson wrongful-death trial. “She is devastated. She tried to kill herself.… She doesn’t feel like she has a life anymore.”

Jermaine Jackson and Debbie Rowe have been engaged in a war of words lately surrounding Michael’s estate and the custody of his kids. Debbie claimed that Jermaine is just trying to mooch of the late King of Pop’s fortune, though Jermaine said he is set for money with what he earned in the Jackson 5.