Dina Lohan – Following In The Footsteps Of Daughter, Lindsay? [Video]

Dina Lohan

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That appears to be the case, as we see Dina Lohan, mom to notorious bad girl, Lindsay Lohan, in trouble for drinking while driving, and speeding. The Los Angeles Times reports that Dina Lohan was arrested last September in Long Island, New York, traveling 77 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. The breathalyzer, a blood-alcohol breath test, recorded 0.20 percent blood alcohol content, which is more than twice the legal limit of New York (which is 0.08 percent). Dina was charged with aggravated DWI due to her high level of alcohol intoxication, rather than the lesser DUI.

In October, Dina Lohan’s lawyer, Mark Heller, cited paparazzi related stress as the reason Dina was drinking.

Surely, with all her resources, Dina Lohan can come up with some form of stress relief that doesn’t involve getting drunk and hopping behind the wheel of a car.

Heller also claimed that Lohan “has been a ‘parent trapped‘ with the entire world watching her in a fishbowl with murky water due to no fault of her own.”

Well, cheeky movie references aside, the heat of the spotlight is no excuse for endangering lives, pure and simple.

At least Lohan didn’t join in throwing the pity party, declaring, “I’ll never be back again. You can quote me.”

See her determination in the following video.

Dina Lohan entered a guilty plea in court in Nassau County, and received a sentence of 100 hours of community service. Lohan claimed to be speeding because she was fleeing paparazzi. The prosecutors reduced the points on Dina’s license to three, instead of the original nine, according to her lawyer. In addition to the community service, Dina Lohan will attend a drunk driving program, and have a breathalyzer installed in her car. This device will require Dina to blow into it and receive a legal blood-alcohol reading before the ignition can be started.

Does Dina Lohan, like her daughter Lindsay, have a problem with alcohol consumption, or was this just “one of those things” that happens to everyone from time to time? Do you think the punishment the court dealt Dinah Lohan was fair?

[Image via Naughty But Nice Rob; Video via Los Angeles Times]