Britney Spears’ Father Doesn’t Approve of Her Boyfriend?

Britney Spears is the subject of tabloid rumors yet again. Just this month it’s been reported that boyfriend David Lucado disses Brit behind her back, all the way to a secret wedding ceremony while they vacationed in Hawaii. While the wedding rumors seem to be fake, OK! magazine speculates that the reason the wedding didn’t happen is because Jamie Spears, Britney’s dad, forbid the wedding from happening.

According to the gossip mag, Britney has been lashing out against her controlling father and his serious influence over her decisions (back when Brit had her mental breakdown in 2008, her father Jamie was court-appointed to be in charge of her financial decisions). Apparently Jamie doesn’t trust David, who’s been rumored to be using Britney for her money and the fame; Jamie just doesn’t want David to become another K.Fed. A furious Britney is supposedly “throwing tantrums” and dying her hair dark despite her father telling her that she “sells more endorsements as a blonde.” Hmm. We’ll have to doubt your “sources” on this one, OK! magazine, until we hear it from Brit herself.

Wedding or not, Britney will return to Vegas later in April for another run of her “Piece of Me” residency at Planet Hollywood, which is scheduled to run until 2015. Her Vegas gig has seen a slew of celebrity attendees and is gaining strong critical acclaim for a solid setlist and stunning choreography.

Looks like all that dancing has been paying off! Britney showed off her toned beach body last month on Instagram, and finally her personal trainer, Tony Martinez, shares his secrets in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine.

“She is all about portion control right now,” Martinez says of Britney’s 1,200 calorie diet. “She loves salads, broccoli, asparagus, kale — she likes anything green.” On top of that, Tony trains Britney four days a week with intense, 40-minute workouts. “We never do the same thing, and that’s why she likes it — and it shows in her body. She feels good because her clothes feel different. They are looser on her. I’d rather go that route than push her to weigh a certain amount.”

We agree! It’s nice to see Britney happy and healthy and comfortable in her skin. And those reports about her “lashing out?” Maybe the old Britney, but this slim mom of two seems to have learned from her past mistakes and is keeping her love life private, as it should be. (Here’s to hoping we see a ring on her finger soon though!)

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