Disney Movies: How ‘Frozen’ Should Have Ended [Video]

Frozen is one of the Disney movies that could have ended differently.

Disney movies do not come any bigger than Frozen. In fact, Frozen recently became the top-grossing animated movie of all time, beating out all other classic Disney movies — like Toy Story, The Lion King, Tangled, and others.

However, despite the fact that Frozen became one of the greatest Disney movies ever, this does not mean that it was perfect. In fact, you may have noticed that not everybody was super pleased about the ending.

Count this alternate ending as one that has gained some support:

Have you finished watching the clip? If not, don’t read on. We don’t want to spoil it for you.

Ok, if you’ve finished, let’s continue.

Like some other Disney movies, you can’t help but watch Frozen and feel awful for Anna and Elsa. But you’ve got to think that if their parents handled things a little bit differently, they wouldn’t have had nearly as many problems. Let’s break down some of the bad parenting decisions laid out in this Disney movie, shall we?

Not Asking For Clearer Explanations

Do you ever wonder how many Disney movies would have turned out differently had people only communicated a little better with one another? Count Frozen as one of those movies. Whereas the rock guy was essentially just saying that Elsa had great powers, the king and queen obviously thought the powers were too dangerous. Your highnesses, there’s nothing wrong with asking a follow-up question or two. Could have saved you from a lot of drama (but would have ruined this Disney movie).

Can You Say Overreacting?

As the video above clearly shows, the king and queen kind of overreacted to Elsa’s special power. Not only do they tell Elsa to never use her powers again, but they also tell her to not let Anna or anybody else know about them. This essentially turns Elsa into a recluse and completely destroys her relationship with Anna. But you know, aside from that, no big deal.

Take The Kids On Vacation

This isn’t really referenced in the video, but if you are going on vacation, you should probably take the kids with you. Does anybody else think parents in Disney movies aren’t always that great? Now you might be saying, “Yeah, but then Anna and Elsa would have died, too.” You might be right, but couldn’t Elsa have done something to freeze the waters and calm the sea? The royal family could still be together.

Of course, the fact that the king and queen do go gives us one of the greatest Disney movies conspiracy theories you’ll ever read. Do you like how this Disney movie ended? Let us know.

Image via Disney