Carmelo Anthony On Impending Free Agency: ‘Everything Is Cloudy’


Carmelo Anthony is still having a hard time coming to grips with his first non-playoff season as a member of the NBA. And what’s worse, the impact of this tumultuous season could be felt as Carmelo enters free agency this off-season.

According a NY Post article, Anthony, commenting following the New York Knicks victory over the Chicago Bulls on Saturday after they had already been eliminated from playoff contention had this to say on his future with the team:

“It’s hard for me to even think about that. It’s hard for me to even think past [the current game] at this point. Everything for me is just cloudy. I’ve never been in this situation before.

I don’t know what to say about this situation. The only thing for me is to stay positive. … There’s going to be a lot of questions that I have, that I’m going to be asking myself: ‘Why this? Why that?’ I’m pretty sure I won’t find no answers anytime soon.”

This “situation” is having been mathematically eliminated from the post season after the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Miami Heat late last week. And while Carmelo has been often criticized for not making it past the first round of the playoffs, at the very least, the star New York Knicks forward can at least say he’s always been there… until now.

But according to a report on, the Knicks train wreck of a season won’t impact Anthony’s decision when he enters free agency this summer:

“As far as that goes, all this stuff will come into consideration. But I won’t never make it seem like because of this season I’m going to become a free agent. It has nothing to do with [how] this season went.”

Anthony, meanwhile, may be sidelined for the rest of the season due to a nagging shoulder injury that already hampered him during the Knicks late playoff push. According to a report on the NY Daily News, it’s quite possible Melo will sit out the remainder of the season with nothing to play for.

Anthony already sat out the fourth quarter of the meaningless win over the Bulls and it would be wise for him to not endure anything further with the Knicks playoff chances squashed. So has Carmelo played his final game with the NY Knicks? Coach Mike Woodson isn’t sure:

“I don’t know what he’s going to do. He hasn’t indicated to me that he’s gonna sit down.”

What do you think? Should Carmelo Anthony sit the final two games of the season with free agency looming?