‘Game of Thrones’ Purple Wedding: We Run Down The Suspects

Game-of-Thrones Who Killed JoffreyPurple Wedding

Warning: Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead

Death and weddings have become synonymous with Game of Thrones, and this past Sunday’s episode was no exception. The long awaited “Purple Wedding” saw a revenge of sorts for fans of the late Stark clan who suffered greatly during last season’s epic “Red Weddding” when King Joffrey was poisoned on his wedding day.

And while George R.R. Martin concedes that the identity of who killed King Joffrey is well known to the legion of fans familiar with the Game of Thrones novels, for those of us who only know Game of Thrones as the hit HBO show, there are a multitude of suspects with sufficient motive to see one of the most hated fictional characters in television history meet his maker. Here are the list of suspects:

Prince Oberyn: The newly introduced character played by Pedro Pascal has all but made his intentions clear in the first two episodes of the season. A member of House Martell, the ruling family of Dorne, Oberyn told Tryion point blank in Two Swords that he came to the “Purple Wedding” seeking vengeance against the Lannisters for the rape and murder of Elia Martell and her children. Could he be capable of killing Joffrey? Yes, but poison does not seem to be his stock-in-trade. An accomplished warrior, Oberyn likely seeks justice on the battle field, not in secret.

Margaery Tyrell: King Joffrey’s late paramour and new queen of the land, played by Natalie Dormer, has seemingly everything to gain from Joffrey’s death. She even intimated to her grandmother in Two Swords how sick Joffrey is, lowering her public veil of affection she wears rather overtly for the King. In fact, the way her grandmother Lady Olenna Tyrell carries herself, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the pair conceived this plot in advance of Margaery being betrothed in the first place, all with the intention of seizing the Iron Throne in the end.

Sansa Stark: Still reeling from the death of her entire family at the hand of the Lannisters, is it possible sweet, innocent Sansa is behind Joffrey’s poisoning? The fact that the fool snatched her up at the end of Sunday’s episode may suggest she is no longer as innocent as everyone believes her to be.

Tyrion Lanniser: Currently being held captive in the Lannister dungeons, framed for the murder of his nephew, Tyrion, played by Peter Dinklage, seems a safe bet to not be Joffrey’s killer. The producers, in fact, have all but conceded this, according to the NY Daily News. But knowing Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, this may be exactly what he wants you think.

Who do you think killed King Joffrey at the “Purple Wedding” in Game of Thrones?