James Maslow: I See Your ‘Promposal,’ Raise You Mickey Ears

James Laslow And Date

Big Time Rush star James Maslow knows how to handle the inevitable “promposal” that comes with international stardom: Say “no,” but only to make an even more exciting counter-offer.

At the end of March, the 23-year-old Laslow received a video request from an Ohio fan to be her date for prom. Due to his hectic taping schedule for the current season of Dancing With the Stars, Maslow had to figure out how to let Hannah Wackernagle down as gently as possible. Here’s the video that set his mental gears to grinding:

Instead of just giving her a call, Maslow sent a video reply to her school, which played it to the whole student body during last Friday’s announcements. In it, Maslow tells Wackernagle that she and her family would be flying to Los Angeles immediately for a weekend with James. They would start at Disneyland, according to the video, after which the two would have a special prom-themed date on the set of DWTS, complete with a dancing lesson from Maslow’s partner Peta Murgatroyd and front-row seats for Monday’s taping of the most recent episode:

James divulges that his favorite ride at Disney is Space Mountain and that might have something to do with that being the ride that Hannah claimed to be her favorite, too, during their first day together. On Sunday, after their day at Disney, James tweeted cryptically to his fans about prom:

Maslow told Who Say that the whole weekend filled his heart with lasting memories of his own:

“I was touched by how supportive her schoolmate friends and family are. I wanted to show your dreams really can come true. Since it got so much support from the community, it seems like we should do all we can to let great things happen for good people. I’m excited to be able to be a part of this for Hannah and her family….

“Hannah was so composed for almost all of our time together, and I am so impressed with how mature and thoughtful she is. Yesterday when we were dancing to “Amazing,” I started singing along to the chorus to her. She started really giggling. Seeing her let loose and giggle and laugh and dance made all… of it so worthwhile.”

According to Parade, Wackernagle came with her mother and sister. The three got their own star trailer, and James and Hannah had the whole studio to themselves for their special date. After choreography practice, Wackernagle left only to return made up and wearing her prom dress.

One of her favorite songs from Big Time Rush, “Amazing”, was the song to which they had their special dance for two. Grab some tissue and watch that video here:

[Image courtesy of Who Say]