Paul Walker’s Touching Tribute At The MTV Movie Awards [Video]

Paul Walker tribute

As previously reported the MTV Movie Awards decided to pay tribute to the fallen actor Paul Walker during their awards ceremony on Sunday night. To kick off the touching tribute, Walker’s Fast & Furious co-star Jordana Brewster had a few sweet sentiments to say about Walker who was an actor, a philanthropist, and a ‘brother’ to his Fast & Furious family.

Of the star Brewster said, “The immense outpouring of grief around the world was a reflection of the kind of man Paul was — he was so, so, special. I was lucky enough to work with him over the last fifteen years and witnessed the generosity of his heart every day I was with him.”

As Brewster went on with her speech she grew tearful at the loss of a friend and colleague, but still managed to continue with her heartfelt speech in celebration of Paul Walker’s short life and work.

“Paul’s kindness was pure. He never asked for credit or glory. He was just a really good guy. His charm, wit, spirit, and his beautiful smile will live on because he will always be in our hearts, and he will remain an inspiration to live life to the fullest.”

Paul Walker’s life was cut short when he died in a fiery car accident last November. At the time he was only forty-years-old, and had so much promise as a philanthropist and as an actor. After his death the latest installment of Fast & Furious was put on hold as they were in the middle of a holiday hiatus when Walker perished.

Most of the footage in Paul Walker’s tribute video from the MTV Movie Awards included clips from his Fast & Furious franchise, along with kind words by his co-star Vin Diesel, who carried the franchise with him. Of Walker, Vin Diesel said, “I’m always gonna be here for you even when you tell me to go. That’s who Paul Walker was.”

In addition to his Fast & Furious work, clips were shown from his films Varsity Blues, She’s All That, and Pleasantville.

“The world saw his magic on screen, the world saw his philanthropic endeavors, yet I wish the world could have seen how special of a brother he was,” said Diesel, closing the tribute to Paul.

When Paul Walker’s tribute was announced, MTV president Stephen Friedman said:

“Paul Walker was a role model for the MTV audience since the very beginning of his too-short career. Our audience grew up with him, from ‘Varsity Blues’ to the ‘Furious’ franchise. He was a movie star but one that they could relate to. Paul’s humanity and kindness clearly showed through every role. We’re honored to be able to spend a moment in this year’s Movie Awards to celebrate him.”

Check out the tribute to Paul Walker below: