Penelope Cruz Finally A 007 Bond Girl?

Penelope Cruz has been in the limelight for the possibility of becoming a Bond Girl in the 007: James Bond franchise for the longest times. In associated reports, here on The Inquisitr, it was said she may not be the next Bond girl. Three months later, another article reported the opposite. Now, the Bond girl rumors are all abuzz now that Penelope Cruz was randomly listed beside Daniel Craig.

According to Daily Mail, public relations representatives randomly listed Penelope Cruz in the cast. Her name, so happened, to be next to Daniel Craig. This will definitely cause a stir among the movie buffs and Bond fans, especially since film bosses vehemently denief Penelope’s involvement in the James Bond franchise.

Even though, Penelope Cruz can’t seem to escape the bombardment of persistent rumors that she’ll be appearing as a 007 Bond girl. The rumor was added fuel after a press release circulated by the French office of Sony Pictures, which listed her as a cast member alongside Daniel Craig in the next movie, 24.

According to French film magazine Premier, Penelope Cruz has been name-checked in a release date update from Sony Pictures, in which they stated:

“Sony has updated its release schedule. Big surprise on page 2: Named alongside Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, and Naomie Harris, is Penelope Cruz in the cast of Bond 24 by Sam Mendes.”

There is speculation the announcement was a gaffe by unorganized press members, it has reignited the theories that Penelope Cruz will join the eagerly-anticipated new production in the series.

It is not like Penelope Cruz was denied a role in a Bond movie though. Last summer, an anonymous source, close to production, said the following:

“The producers have tried to get Penelope before, but she has never been available because of other commitments. The discussions have been going on for some time and they are working out the contract details now.”

That statement goes against the above reported news that the film’s bosses vehemently denied Penelope Cruz’s inclusion in the film, but it should also be reported their denial came after this statement from the “source”. As of now, Sony have refused comment on the claims as well on the “guffaw” caused by PR reps.

However, if it is true Penelope Cruz will become the next Bond girl, she will also become the oldest Bond girl in the franchise. At the age of 40, Penelope Cruz will surpass British actress, Honor Blackman, who played Pussy Galore in 1962’s Goldfinger, at the age of 39.