Jennifer Aniston Bares Her Face and Soul In New Movie

Jennifer Aniston with no makeup in Cake

Jennifer Aniston has taken a huge leap in the opposite direction of every role she has ever played. Forget the sexy persona, the stripper attire, the pole dancing, the silly jokes, and the goofiness in the roles she usually portrays. This time, Aniston decides to portray a raw woman dealing with real issues in her upcoming role in Cake.

Director Daniel Barnz speaks highly of his choice in Aniston for this role. He tells, “Of the zillions of Jennifer Aniston fans, I might be the biggest one of all.”

According to, Cake is a film about a grieving mother, Claire Simmons, played by Jennifer Aniston, who after a fatal car accident, has to deal with her chronic pain. Claire (Aniston) joins a chronic pain support class where she meets Nina (Anna Kendrick). When Nina kills herself, Claire (Aniston) becomes fascinated by the suicide. As Aniston’s character begins to study and learn more about the details behind the suicide, she develops a rather interesting relationship with Nina’s widower, Roy, played by Sam Worthington, as she tries to grasp her own tragedy.

In this role, Aniston had to forego the usual made-up glamorous look. It appears Jennifer is without makeup, but is only wearing what is needed for filming purposes. And you won’t be able to miss the scar that the makeup artists have created on the side of Jennifer’s face. The no makeup look for Jennifer Aniston just goes to show that she is much like every other 45-year-old woman.

Cake is actually the first film produced by Cinelou Films. Aniston is actually excited about that fact. Jennifer told, “I’m honored to be collaborating with [producers] Ben, Kristin and Courtney, and it’s exciting that Cake will be the first film under the Cinelou banner. It feels like we’re all taking a leap of faith together, and that’s pretty thrilling.” This is no doubt a leap for Aniston from her prior Hollywood roles.

Barnz is obviously a fan as he tells, “I’ve especially loved her (Aniston’s) more dramatic performances, and I can’t wait to watch her tackle a role that has such a brilliantly funny voice and so much raw pain.” Jennifer’s fans will also be excited to see her make such a turn in her career, if they can get past the shock of seeing Aniston with no makeup and wearing baggy clothes, that is. We’ll be watching for Aniston in Cake in 2015!