Jennifer Garner: Ben Affleck Yells At Kids At Basketball Games

Garner Affleck West Virginia

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are pretty much like normal parents, even when it comes to getting a little to excited when watching their children play baseball.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, while she loves her husband, Jennifer Gardner’s teenage crush still has a place in her heart:

“Well, he’s still Kevin Costner; he still knows exactly what [to] do. And I didn’t care a thing about baseball, but I sure loved watching him.”

Well, even if Jennifer does not care about baseball, based upon her description of how one game went it’s apparent Ben cares a lot about basketball when it comes to their daughter Violet:

“I clap for everyone who makes a shot on either team, because I feel like, good shot, great job. Meanwhile, he’s freaking out and I’m constantly like, ‘stop it!’ You know, he’ll be saying, ‘she’s open! Do you see she’s open?!’ It’s like, ‘Ben, they’re eight. You’re yelling at an 8-year-old little girl. She will see that Violet is open and she will get the ball to her when it’s appropriate.'”

At this point the Affleck clan has grown to three, with eight year old Violet, five year old Seraphina, and two year old Samuel, who apparently has Ben “psyched to have a little boy.” Garner also revealed that she’s the money manager of the family while Ben is like a kid in a candy store:

“When it comes to money, I make the decisions. Ben doesn’t have a clue. He’s the class clown. He’s always thinking of new things to do with our kids. Everything that comes my way – the first thing we do is talk schedule, location. I sit down with a calendar with my husband and in a very boring way, detail every single week… and what’s possible and if it can work out or not.”

Of course, while she loves him dearly, sometimes Jennifer is just happy when Ben has to put on his Batsuit (in which he looks “damn good”) and fly away to work:

“When Ben’s not working, he sticks his nose in everything. He decorates, moves things around, gets new things… I’m always relieved when he goes back to work!”