Top 5 Best Dating Websites On The Internet Today

Dating Site

When it comes to dating in this day and age, people do not go out and about to meet people as often as they used to. Rather, people turn to the internet for their dating needs. The issue comes down to what the best dating sites on the internet actually are and why you should go to them.

Most people tend to go after the places like Eharmoney or ChristianMingle for example, even Zoosk. However, none of these websites actually have a success rate that can overly rival a free service. The best dating sites on the web, happen to the be the free one’s. The reason for this is that when something is free, more people will use it. Therefore the more people that are present on a website, the more chances you have to actually meet someone.

Here is a list of the top 5 best dating websites on the internet today.

5.) Meet Me started out as, it’s a social media website somewhat. This would make it similar to Twitter of Facebook. In reality however, it is really a dating website that people can be part of. The problem with Meet Me is that people who are in relationships also use it, which does not make it such a great place to be at some points.

While is not the most ideal thing to run into someone on a dating site that is taken, chances are they are with Meet Me because they are not happy with their current situation and uses the excuse of when people catch them, that they have friends on the site. This is both good and bad. If you meet someone through Meet Me, they might be great. However, beware if someone keeps their Meet Me account open and they are active on it. Of course, this is the same situation as any website really.

4.) Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish started out as some rinky dink operation but turned in a great place to meet people. Men have a really good chance of meeting women here as the ladies do not feel like victims and actually end of messaging guys more often than most think. POF has a good success rate, and a lot of people enjoy using it’s easy to navigate layout.

Dating sites like POF might be easy to use, but the main problem with it is that once someone messages you and you message them back, they now can know when you’re online. So people can get a bit stalkish here. A lot of women like the website, so men happen to be here a lot and there is a lot of competition. However they are really great by offering tips for dating site success, something no other dating website really does. There are things you can pay for with POF too, that makes it great. Yet you do not have to do them to continue to get messages or send them.

3.) Lavalife

Lavalife is an updated version of the dating experience. While paying users get a lot with this dating site service, free users still are able to do a lot with them. So it’s not so much a dating website you have to pay a lot to be part of, but you can if you choose to. This makes it an ideal place for someone on a budget. If a person, such as a guy is willing to spend the cash then a female at least knows he is willing to put up some money right away.

So Lavalife is more of a proving ground in some ways. Beware of bots though, as sometimes messages can be sent to people so that you will pay for a higher service to video chat for example, then you’re caught into giving up funds.

2.) Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid is a terrific dating site that you can really get to know people on as well as find people that fit your specifications and fit your likes and dislikes. OKC is mostly free, however there are add-ons that you can pay for which allow you to basically know who likes you and who rates you high.

It’s not much, and you don’t need it to get by here. People answer questions a lot, so you can really get in depth with people. You can answer some interesting questions here that can be very personal. Yet, it comes down to what you really want to know or tell. People message a lot here, so it’s a very open and fun place to be at.

1.) Facebook

I know, a lot of people don’t feel that it’s really a dating website. It’s not. However, you can meet people here often and there is no pressure behind the front of a dating site. It is easy to meet a lot of people here, from male to female. It is the most popular website on the internet, so chances are you will run into a lot of interesting people.

It won’t be a great place to meet people at times, but at the same time it also can be. It really is what you make it like any other website really. So while Facebook is not a technical “dating site”, it can be if you make it so.

Dating sites are really gaining popularity, so it would be wise to really get on board with them if you feel you aren’t able to get a guy or a lady at a club or random hot spot in town. The awkwardness of meeting people in person is gone this way, and you can choose to talk to someone or not. So really, there is nothing to lose.