Jordan Spieth Won’t Win The Masters — Here’s Why He’ll Choke

Jordan Spieth will not win the 2014 Masters.

Jordan Spieth is the feel-good story of the Masters right now. The affable 20-year-old has soared to the top of the leaderboard after three rounds and is currently tied with former Masters winner Bubba Watson. It’s a great story. Too bad Jordan Spieth will choke away the win.

Is Jordan Spieth one of the most-talented young golfers on the PGA Tour? Absolutely. Are people going to be rooting for Spieth on Sunday? No question. Will Jordan win? Not a chance.

Unfortunately for Spieth, it isn’t only his youth that will make Sunday a difficult round for him to close out the Masters and win the green jacket — it is also the fact that Jordan has choked away big wins before.

Historical Precedence

During the 2011 U.S. Amateur Championship, Spieth had a huge 2-up advantage with only five holes left. After what Spieth himself called “dumb play,” he let the two-shot lead slip away and subsequently blew his shot at becoming the 2011 US Amateur champion.

Spieth hit a few bad shots over the last five holes that left the door wide open and his competitor walked though it. While this was a few years ago, the truth of the matter is that this did happen and you better believe that it is still on Jordan’s mind.

Winning Is Hard

Look, Jordan Spieth should be super proud of himself. After all, the 20-year-old kid is finding himself atop the leaderboard for the Masters with only 18 holes to go. This is something only a few people can claim to have done and Jordan is one of them.

But the truth is that there are many instances during which third round leaders become fourth round chokers. Does the name Greg Norman ring a bell? It will be tough for Jordan to stay focused enough during the last round to become the victor of the tournament.

Others Want It, Too

Lest you forget, the greatest golfers in the world are seeking golf’s greatest prize tomorrow. So even if Spieth turns in another solid round, there is a high level of probability that another great golfer will catch fire and blow Spieth out of the water. The truth is that there are golfers in contention — like Watson — who have won the Masters before and know what it takes to bring home the victory. Jordan doesn’t know.

There are others in contention that might finally be ready to take that leap into greatness. So, nice try Jordan Spieth. You should be proud, but you won’t win.

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