IndieBox Delivers Epic Indie Games On A Monthly Basis!

Earlier, The Inquisitr reported an amazing nerd and geek service called Loot Crate, a monthly subscription in which both nerd and geek alike would get a crate full of goodies of a nerd and geek nature. Now, there is another company providing the same service but with independent games. Introducing IndieBox, a service that provides awesome indie games and puts them in old-school video game boxing, similar to how it was for Nintendo and Sega products back in the 80s.

According to one of their co-founders, James C. Morgan III, who’ve I talked to at Space Coast Nerd Fest, IndieBox is only two to three weeks old. However, they’re idea is exactly like Loot Crate as in what service they provide, only for independent games. Also, Morgan told me that they only plan to utilize independent games for their service, which includes the following:

  1. Retro Game Box
  2. Unique Game Cartridge
  3. Full Soundtrack CD
  4. Color Manual
  5. And other nerd and geek goodies associated with the video game!

This is enough to pull out the “retro” nerd and geek in old-school gamers. Just like Loot Crate, there are three subscription services gamers can subscribe to. The monthly plan is $19.99, the three-month plan is $56.97, and the six-month plan is $107.94. Once again, just like I did for my article on Loot Crate, these plans include the shipping and handling with their price. Also, the higher the month plans, the cheaper the price is on a monthly basis. For example, the monthly plan, minus shipping and handling, is $16.99 per month. However, the three-month plan, minus shipping and handling, is a dollar less if divided by the month.

As for the package that is delivered to your doorstep, the game comes in a bag that has a beautiful print promoting Indie Box, as shown by the co-founder (and fellow nerd and geek), James C. Morgan III, below. Honestly, it looks kind of like a miniature MRE.

Indie Box Bag

After opening the bag, the gamer will receive the game in a case, complete with booklet and instruction manual. The game itself is actually on a credit-card type USB drive. What’s cool about the game is the custom graphic printed on the USB drive itself. I have to say, that was really cool and going beyond the call of service just to please the nerd and geek in fans alike.

Indie Box Case

Right now, IndieBox is hitting as many nerd and geek conventions and shows to help promote their new start-up. Personally, I think it is a grand idea but it still needs the promotion, mostly word of mouth right now, to become prominent. Giving independent games a chance to look fancy in a hardcopy format is really nice and may even give independent developers an initiative to make games if they know a company like IndieBox is willing to bring a physical copy to the old-school nerd and geek gamers still around.

If the indie game subscription interests you, feel free to subscribe at the IndieBox subscription page. The nerd and geek gamer in you will be very thankful!