Allison Michelle Ernst, Clinton Shoe Assaulter, Under “Mind Control?”

The media has been abuzz over the recent shoe attack on former first lady Hillary Clinton by an unknown woman named Allison Michelle Ernst. While investigators try to put together why the woman would want to do what she did, a recent find might hold the answer.

The woman is freaking nuts.

While investigating the story, bloggers at Jammie Wearing Fools stumbled upon a blog apparently written by the accused herself. Dated August 20th, Allison’s blog resembles an official court document, from the District of Delaware no less, that claims she is obtaining a temporary restraining order on a man named James Holmes. Apparently Mr. Holmes has been constantly assaulting her, from jail, using mind control” through subliminal messaging and causing [her] to be obsessed with him on a daily basis.”

She goes on to talk about a court hearing she attended where she accuses those who imprisoned James and Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh of mind manipulation and claims they were “framed by the u.s. govt for new world order.” She ends her complaint with demands for a new red dress and clippers including toenails. Perhaps she wanted them pre-shoe attack in case anyone looked at her feet as she walked away? We may never know. But one thing we do know is that Allison could easily win an insanity plea…if she even understands what one is.

If you are up for a look into the mind of a total lunatic, read below to see the “court document” in its entirety. Or maybe you shouldn’t. We might be trying to mentally control you to do so. At least Allison Ernst would agree.







Comes now, the Plaintiff, facing imminent danger and bodily harm from defendant James
Holmes, I seek a restraining order from James Holmes entering my mind through subliminal

messaging and causing me to be obsessed with him on a daily basis. Iam the Allison michelle ernst

that came to court with a bald head and red dress. I look like g.i. jane. James Holmes also wont

write me, he ignores all my letters I write him to prison. James Holmes is innocent and has been
framed by the u.s. govt for new world order. I created a facebook group called “james holmes is
innocent” and i can be found out there everyday rallying americans to free james holmes. James
has taken over my life. I sleep, eat, and think James Holmes 24/7 and i seek a restraining order to
have this james holmes mind manipulation to stop. I watched inception, so I’m fully aware of
james holmes magical powers and also his neuo science studies which now james enters my
head like dennis quaid in innerspace and he zooms to my heart and plays with it and forces me
to care for him. James sent me naked photos of himself in a joker outfit which offends me. James
Holmes wont even look at me on when he is in court and this offends me, my life and skin. James Holmes

is being framed.The number of inconsistencies and questions continue to grow in the movie theatre massacre

in Aurora Colorado.At first I was pleasantly surprised that they would let us see more of the courtroom pro-

ceedings. When he walked into the court room it immediately fueled the exact kind of debate the powers that

be do not want us having. Such as “are we being manipulated” and by “whom”, because once we reach a con-

sensus on that then the power elite have lost control of the game, or control of the “operation”.The judge put out

the first gag order a couple of days AFTER the first court appearance.

He claims that he wanted to keep the case from becoming a media circus. This could possibly be believable, but it
was the second gag order, that gave raised the first red flag, and made them show their hand to any of us who are
awake and watching.You see, at first they thought they could use the images from the trial to HELP THEM build support
for a death penalty case They wanted to “Tim McVay him”.

Tim McVay was the man accused of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Much like James Holmes, he was a mind controlled patsy
that they dumped the blame for the bombing on and even after proof of other accomplices emerged they were able to
keep the death penalty case together.

This so called team of lawyers are either the worst lawyers in the world or have been purposely put in to lose the case
for the defense. I believe the later.Why would his lawyers let him continue to keep his dyed red hair?Why have they
been allowed to represent him, even after his father came into town?

They and his father didn’t even have him shave for EITHER court hearing?

These questions raise serious doubts over who is looking out for James’s rights, and protections to get a fair trail.

Parents have been well known to come out swinging from their law camps, such as both sides of the Zimmerman
/ Treyvon Martin Case. Whatever you say about the charges, you can’t say that the parent’s have not been out
front with legal actions and media interviews to protect their children’s rights and outcome.Project mkultra is involved
in this mega conspiracy.And auora police chief dan oates has secret ties with 9/11. James was set up with a false flag
attack which happens before andduring every olympics.I have many more theories and evidence and i seek the release
of james from prison.You must go to facebook group ” james holmes is innocent” I also seek a new red dress and clippers including toe nails.


Allison Michelle Ernst
4123 N. Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE 19904