Is 'Kitchen Nightmares' Back For More Punishment With Amy's Baking Company?

Last year, Gordon Ramsay's show Kitchen Nightmares got more than they'd bargained for with Amy's Baking Company and owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo. In the season finale, chef Gordon Ramsay gave up on the restaurant, walking out after it became too much for him to take. With the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares, the show returns to Scottsdale, Arizona to check in with the owners to see how they're doing.

The restaurant and the Kitchen Nightmares episode gained worldwide attention as people took to the internet to watch the infamous episode and the antics of the owners, which included screaming at customers, online flame wars on Yelp, and berating employees.

And while says that Gordon Ramsay did not return to the restaurant, Kitchen Nightmares will be airing new footage that the producers couldn't fit into the program last year. "It was a tough show to edit down to 42 minutes, so we had a lot of extra material that we thought would be interesting for people to see," said executive producer Arthur Smith. In addition to the new footage, Gordon Ramsay will provide commentary and describe what it was like for him to tape the show.

With so much controversy swirling around the episode, it seems almost inevitable that Kitchen Nightmares would dedicate their season premiere to a revisit. "This show caused so much attention for a variety of reasons and we decided to, you know, devote more time than just putting it in a revisit show."

But what does Amy have to say about it? "We've become the No. 1 tourist attraction for the summer, only it's like Disneyland for the crazies!" says Amy. In the aftermath of airing of the Kitchen Nightmares finale, the owners appeared to take to their Facebook page to scream at commenters, but eventually went on record to say that their Facebook account had been hacked and that it wasn't them posting the all-caps comments.

The new Kitchen Nightmares episode will air tonight at 8pm on FOX and the owners made an appearance earlier this week on Dr. Phil. In the clip provided, Dr. Phil plays back footage from the infamous Kitchen Nightmares episode in which Amy can be seen verbally berating a waitress until she quits in tears.

Owner Samy also defended his enraged outburst on the show, saying that the customers on the show were Kitchen Nightmares actors who came in just to harass him. He later clarifies that by actors he simply meant they just wanted to be on television.

Watch the promo for tonight's show below:

Will you be tuning in for an update on the irate owners from Amy's Baking Company?