Rick Ross Diversifies, But Laments Not Having Gone Platinum Yet [Video]

American Rapper Rick Ross sure has had a long and successful rap career. However, even as he is diversifying into films, the musician laments not having any of his albums going Platinum.

Rick Ross has the most No. 1 rap albums since he debuted with Port of Miami in 2006. Interestingly, all of the hits have been solo, but none have been able to garner sufficient sell–outs to achieve ‘Platinum’ status. This one accomplishment has always eluded the Maybach Music boss and he recently let his frustration show when he was asked what he felt was missing.

“You just executing that platinum album out the gate. You know, six gold albums. You know, really my first album, I believe they say is 20,000 albums from being certified platinum. But you know, it just came after the time. In that moment, I want to execute one of those joints,” said Rick Ross to DJ Skee. Rick might find solace in the fact that his debut album Port of Miami is on its way to becoming his first Platinum album, but he wants the same to happen a lot sooner.

Speaking of a successful career, Ross’ latest disc, Mastermind, was released in early March. The album managed to move 179,000 copies in its first week. Till date, the album has moved 290,000 copies. His previous album, 2012’s God Forgives, I Don’t, was certified gold — just like his previous four. However, none have yet gone platinum. This is what irked him the most when he said, “I just feel like it’s still sh*t I gotta do. In that moment, I just wanna execute one of those joints. I think that most definitely [would] be something that’s real cool.” reported MTV.

However, putting aside his strong desire to go platinum, the rapper has just ventured into film making. Christened Maybach Films, the production house already has a movie in the pipeline and expected to release early next year. Though the rapper didn’t give out much information, he did reveal that the movie hasn’t hit production as the script has just been finalized and the filming is expected to begin as soon as possible.

Rick Ross is quite interested in ‘giving a record a visual’. “Just as much as I love music I always felt visual was more powerful. It’s nothing more powerful than seeing it. It’s a different vibe. And that’s what I always brought to the team. You know what I mean? That’s what I wanted to see.”

Will Maybach Movies be able to pull the crowds with the same intensity as Maybach Music does?

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