Lifestreaming Application Oneswirl is on the market

Lifestreaming service Oneswirl from Intuitive Industries has been placed on the market.

The service, like others in the space, aggregates various online activities as defined by each user, with that list able to be shared with friends. Supported services include Flickr, Google Photos, Netflix, YouTube, FunnyOrDie,, blogs, Twitter, Pownce, Facebook Status, Google Reader,, Wish Lists, CollegeHumor.

Oneswirl is written in PHP and AJAX (Prototype Javascript Library), uses the Zend Framework for PHP-based feed parsing, MySQL data storage and users C++ generated RSS feeds and XML data. The tech specs are impressive, and there’s potential for someone to come in and buy this for the code, then give it a seriously large fresh coat of paint for a relaunch.

Details on the Intuitive Systems blog here. The price has not been disclosed.

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