WWE News: Wellness Policy Being Discussed After Ultimate Warrior Death

Ultimate Warrior is now dead…this sounds like the beginning of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, but in the terms of pro-wrestling fans…this is what we start a conversation with these days. Ever since Warrior’s passing, the media has been immediately linking him to death due to steroids and drug abuse.

This seems a bit unfair to the man who was just inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame. He has not wrestled in close to 20 years. Ultimate Warrior has always been a health fanatic. Looking at his YouTube account, you’ll find that over the last number of years he will do the same workouts he would do 20-30 years ago. The man was a beast in the gym and always amazingly in shape.

However, it is obvious that Warrior used steroids and he admitted such. Several wrestlers used them. Steroids used to be over the counter some years ago, where you could go and buy them as easy as Tylenol. Once the FDA realized the affect of steroids they were immediately made into prescription use only. This has led to many getting the drugs illegally and that has caused even more problems in the wrestling community by having overdoses of this among other drugs.

Warrior was said to have died from a heart related issue. Most feel that it was a mass heart attack. It would not be outside of the norm for him to go through this. Warrior used steroids and pain killers in the past, he admitted to such. Knowing that he used them means that due to the abuse he put his heart through, he now has heart troubles. However, a lot of wrestlers never really care to look into the issue because they’ve had pain for years…any other bit of pain is just another day at the office.

Warrior looked weak and very sweaty at the Hall of Fame and WWE RAW. Most felt it could be from nerves or even the lights. My roommate and I were watching the Hall of Fame and wondered why he was sweaty. It just didn’t seem normal to be, even under the bright lights. I claimed it might have been to stress, knowing it could cause sweat. Come to find out, people backstage claimed that he looked this way the whole time. Yet he was still in such good shape, people noticed that than anything else.

Now Nancy Grace has come out to claim on her show that all wrestlers who died young were on steroids and pain killers and died due to them. She had DDP on the show, a former WWE Superstar.

He said that although plenty of guys used back in the day, even himself, today the WWE’s Wellness Policy is very strict. He is correct in saying that, as WWE Superstars and Divas are surprise tested all the time. Many times, at the worst time they could be tested. Drugs that are over the counter such as a decongestant like Sudafed is outlawed by WWE.

Unless one has a prescription, just about everything is illegal. So WWE keeps a huge eye on the talent these days. Nancy Grace simply wanted to take the opportunity to get wrestling, as if it was some sort of big deal for her to catch everyone at something. She had her team get a list of wrestlers that died and their age in which they passed.

Some were due to drugs, others like Owen Hart on her list actually did not die from drugs but rather from an accident at a WWE PPV. So she basically did 10 minutes of research and used old arguments for a new school time. WWE’s Wellness Policy has been a major thing since 2006. After Chris Benoit passed, WWE really sharpened up testing and penalties.

Despite actual research suggesting otherwise, WWE’s Wellness Policy will come into question each time a popular wrestling figure passes away. WWE has no ability to change that. Everyone who used drugs in the past will have long lasting effects and will potentially die young, that does not mean all will in today’s WWE. Yet WWE will have a long problem of which they cannot change, and that is sad because people like Nancy Grace among others will always be on their tails to bring down the company over massive issues they have no control over today.