Caroline Wozniacki: You Won’t Believe How She Shook Up The Stuffy Old Masters

Caroline Wozniacki, the 23-year-old former world Number One tennis player, showed up at the Masters golf championship in Augusta, Georgia, Wednesday and she brought a surprise for one of professional sports’ stuffiest and most conservative events — on her head.

The Masters has not officially started, but on Wednesday the 80-year-old pro golf championship hosted a Par-3 warm-up tournament where the atmosphere is a little looser and more informal than once the actual competition — the first of golf’s four major championships to be played each year — gets underway with first-round play on Thursday.

Wozniacki, as most any golf or tennis fan certainly know by now, got engaged at the start of 2014 to 24-year-old Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy, the 2011 U.S. Open champion and 2012 PGA Tour top money winner.

So for the Par 3 tourney Wednesday, Caroline Wozniacki showed up to faithfully caddy for her soon-to-be hubby. But it was the Danish tennis star who was the center of attention because she showed up looking like this…

Yep, Wozniacki invaded the uptight Augusta National Golf Club — with bright pink hair, like a Hot Topic goth girl.

It was all the more remarkable that Caroline Woznizcki got away with this stunt at a golf club that refused to admit its first women as members until 2012. The first two women admitted were Darla Moore, vice-president of a South Carolina financial firm and wife of a billionaire, and Condoleeza Rice, the former U.S. Secretary of State.

How backwards is Augusta National? The admission of Rice was doubly significant because not only is she a woman, she is African-American. Augusta did not admit its first “black gentlemen,” as Club Chairman Hord Hardin put it at the time, until 1990.

Of course, it probably helped the cause of Caroline Wozniacki and her Manic Panic hair that her fiancée is Rory McIlroy, of the PGA Tour’s premier players, and without Tiger Woods at this year’s Masters, Augusta needs all the star power it can bring in.

Not only did Caroline Wozniacki act as a caddy for McIlroy, she even pinch hit for him on the final green of the Par 3 tourney, when McIlroy had to sink a 30-foot putt. He handed his putter to his fiancée who is more at ease striking a ball with a somewhat larger paddle.

Nonetheless, Caroline Wozniacki showed that she may have a future on the LPGA Tour if this tennis thing doesn’t work out. She sank the 30-footer effortlessly. Take a look.

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