Kelly Osbourne Defends Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus Over Tabloid Overkill [Video]

Kelly Osbourne and her father, Ozzy, think Justin Bieber deserves a break from the criticism he receives over his various controversies and legal woes. Miley Cyrus also received a rousing defense from Kelly.

The E! Fashion Police co-host made an passionate, public defense of the two pop stars this week, providing reasons why she believes it’s time for judgment to stop.

Asked about Cyrus’ sexualized performances, “bad rap” and frequent negative comparisons to Bieber, Kelly was having none of it.

“Even [with] Justin Bieber, it’s not fair,” the ex-reality star told HuffPost Live. “Because if you remember when I was 16, all of a sudden I was one of the most famous 16-year-olds in the entire world. And it happened overnight — and there wasn’t Twitter then.”

The purple-haired presenter adds, “Every teenager deserves to make a mistake and act out and learn from them.”

Warming to her theme, Kelly asks, “And how can they learn from their mistakes if there’s always somebody there trying to fix it for them and no one actually trying to help them?

Then said, “So in that situation, when it comes to Justin Bieber I find it really unfair, and I think people need to give the kid a break. If you do something wrong, you pay, but give the kid a break.”

Turning her attention back to Miley, Osbourne denied there was any comparison between Bieber and Cyrus.

“As for Miley, you can’t paint them with the same brush. They’re two completely different people,” Kelly insists.

She continued: “I’m proud of her because, whether you agree with what she’s done or not, she’s done this by her guns and she’s not fake.”

Bringing up her own past experiences with the tabloid press that’s currently wiping the floor with Bieber, and to some extent Cyrus — Osbourne shared,

“When anyone goes through a big change in their life, the media looks for something to be wrong,” she said, referring to her previously called-off engagement, “but they’re looking for me to like self-destruct now in some way.”

“So this year, I’ve apparently had a cocaine addiction, and been to fat rehab and eat my feelings, and all of this stuff. And I sit there and I’m like, ‘you can’t even print this because none of its true,'” Kelly exclaimed.

Over at the UK’s rather more risque Esquire magazine, rock legend Ozzy was also weighing in on the ongoing Bieber debate.

As the survivor of a drink and drug fueled history, which famously included biting the head off a bat while on stage, Osbourne the elder seemed tickled by the idea of Justin as a “bad boy.”

“I’ve got no recollection of snorting those ants, but it beats throwing eggs like Mr. f**king Bieber,” Ozzy told Esquire, alluding to a 1984 incident when he toured with Mötley Crüe. We wouldn’t have stopped at eggs in my day.”

Upping the ante, the Black Sabbath frontman added, “I heard he p**sed in a bucket in some restaurant. So what? I p**sed on the Alamo, which is a national shrine. In a woman’s dress. At 7 am, with a bottle of Courvoisier in one hand, and my d**k in the other.”

Put like that, Bieber isn’t bad after all.