Is Lil Wayne Greater Than Eminem?

Lil Wayne may have more entries on the Billboard Hot 100 than Elvis Presley, but is Lil Wayne really the king of rap?

The folks over at certainly seem to think so and have declared Lil Wayne as: “The undisputed greatest living MC”.

Artists are a notoriously egotistical bunch and rap artists are perhaps the most big-headed offenders of them all. Give a rapper a microphone and they’ll never tire of singing about themselves.Eminem and Jay-Z have even declared themselves ‘rap gods’.

Lil Wayne has been announced in a ThyBlackMan.Com article as the greatest rapper in the game. Lil Wayne is placed far and above players like Eminem and Jay-Z and as for poor Kayne West, it appears he doesn’t even get to escape the all-consuming shadow of Kim Kardashian’s backside,

Lil Wayne is judged to be the most royal of rappers because Lil Wayne is apparently a real ‘underdog’ who people love.

In an article that spends a large amount of time telling us how great Lil Wayne is compared with Eminem, the writer argues: “Looking back at Eminem’s archive, the majority of his work doesn’t hold up. His cartoony beats, dated pop culture references and comical lyrics mostly fall flat. Slim Shady is Vanilla Ice with credibility. All Marshall Mathers had to do in order to stick out was show up; Lil Wayne had to work for his – and that’s real hip-hop”.

Lil Wayne, who is the wordsmith of such gems as Lollipop’s immortal, ‘Shawty wanna hump, You know I like to touch ya lovely lady lumps’, is described in the piece as having a better grasp of lyricism than the self-proclaimed ‘rap god’ Eminem because Lil Wayne’s career defining single ‘lollipop’ has about 50 percent less words than Eminem’s equally defining ‘Lose Yourself’.

The one man Lil Wayne fan-club writes: “As Twitter has proven time and time again, the less words you use to express a thought, the more appealing it is. Being able to express a concise thought on a subject is the mark of a genius, and doing it melodically is a sign of a musical prodigy — both of which describe Lil Wayne”.

Eminem is also compared uunfavorablywith the god-like genius of Lil Wayne because he is ‘incapable of writing a love song that Justin Bieber could legitimately pull off’. Lil Wayne is also praised because Lil Wayne could release an entire album of love songs if he wanted.

Lil Wayne’s also apparently has more star appeal than the everyman Eminem because he looks like a ‘martian’, and if you or I showed up to work looking like Lil Wayne we’d probably be fired or arrested.When realistically, we’d probably just be laughed at.