FOX News’ Heather Childers Calls UConn Huskies The 2014 ‘NAACP National Champs’ In On-Air Gaffe

Whether it’s the world’s funniest Freudian slip or just an on-air gaffe, Heather Childers of FOX News got us chuckling today when she referred to the University of Connecticut Huskies men’s basketball team as the “2014 NAACP National Champs.”

Did she mean NCAA, as in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, instead of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? It’s likely, as the video shows us she got it right the second time.

Props to the FOX News producers and sound editors for muting the massive facepalm that must have happened in between.

Mind you, it’s not Heather’s first gaffe; Medaite reminds us that Childers and co-anchor Gregg Jarret mixed up Veterans Day and Memorial Day last year— “right after a segment about Memorial Day and a weather report with “Memorial Day Forecast” plastered all over the screen.”

Stay tuned for more “Chuckles With Childers,” here on FOX News, after these messages.

[Video courtesy of Fox News via The Raw Story]