Is Tweeting A Live Birth Just Too Much Tweeting?

Here is the ultimate question of the day: Do you really think we all want to know the step by step process of your live birth? Do you really feel you need to Tweet every minute detail? Social media is the new trend, as we all well know. And Twitter is one of the top means of social media.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz knows this all to well. As a staff member and director of social innovation of Twitter, it is a huge part of her life every single day. So, according to, it was just natural for Diaz-Ortiz to tweet about giving birth. First she tweeted about her water breaking at 4:31 am, with the hashtag #inlabor. The tweeting continued, as per with the drive to the hospital with her wearing her Twitter jacket with her Twitter handle on the back.

Numerous other tweets followed suit with 140 character limitations in each twitter post. Some of Diaz-Ortiz’s tweets talked about the car overheating and while she is in labor she had to get a taxi to drive her to the hospital. Play by play reports continued and her Twitter followers were feeling the labor pains as she described each and every single one until finally at 5:33 am when Diaz-Cortez signed off of Twitter when her baby girl was born.

Yes, we are all happy for Diaz-Ortiz and her healthy baby. However, how much is too much information? That seems to be the ever-rising problem with social media such as Twitter these days. The public really doesn’t care what you ate for lunch today. Or that you went shopping for a new jacket. reports that “Social media expert Peter Shankman doesn’t think the over-sharing will stop anytime soon.” Shankman says there needs to be a balance to Twitter and other social networks. He warns that we should all be aware of our posts and tweets and be cautious of over-sharing.

“There comes a point when you just want to be in the moment. And live-tweeting the birth of your child as you’re giving it kind of takes you out of the moment,” says Shankman per Think of it this way. It’s Christmas morning, and you are video recording the events of the morning. The kids are running in to see what Santa has brought, family members are opening presents, and you see it all through the lens of the camera. You’ve missed out on being a part of it.

We should all keep Twitter, Facebook and even texting in check. Enjoying life should be of upmost important, and being a part of those memories. It is also irritating to the people you are with if you are supposed to be spending time with them and you are constantly on your phone tweeting, posting on Facebook, or texting. Enough is enough. Those things can wait. People can wait. What you are saying is not an emergency or life changing, but the memories and relationships you are ignoring just may be.