Ellen DeGeneres Takes Over The University Of Washington

The ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ appeared on the campus of the University of Washington on Monday (April 7th), reports KING 5 News.

While she was not there in person, Ellen sent a whole team to the UW campus. One member of the team was Jeannie, who is normally Ellen’s receptionist. On Monday, however, she got to take a shot at being a reporter. Jeannie with the gathered crowd and then reported back to Ellen via satellite.

“We haven’t been to Seattle in a while so Ellen said let’s go ahead and go up there and we love doing it on college campuses, the energy is so great,” Jeannie said. “College kids are such big Ellen fans so it was like ‘let’s go up to UW.'”

Ellen had hinted that there would be something going down at the UW campus last Friday (April 4th) in a tweet.

I hope you’re planning a great weekend. If you’re near @UWSeattle, get lots of rest, because I may have a surprise for you on Monday.

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow)

According to Dailyuw.com the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ had a crowd of about 1,000 people gather at Rainier Vista.

The team that Ellen sent hosted a costume contest. The theme of the contest was ‘Seattle’s Best.’ The crowd also played flip cup with coffee, with the winner of each game earning a $1,000 cash prize.

The director of publicity for the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Melissa Little Padgitt, commented that the show has hosted events like at the UW campus before in various venues. For example, the show visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign last February.

The ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ approached the UW last Friday about the possibility of a visit.

Harry Hayward, director of digital analytics at UW Marketing, said that twelve people from the UW were involved in planning.

The ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ did not just draw the students from the UW campus, but also people from the surrounding community.