Tyler Black’s Kentucky Tattoo Earns Free Tickets To 2014 NCAA Tournament Championship Game

Kentucky fan Tyler Black got a tattoo predicting the Wildcats would be the 2014 National Champions. Not really a big deal if the lifelong Kentucky fan had gotten the tattoo this weekend. But Tyler Black got his tattoo on March 13th, when Kentucky fans everywhere were hoping the Wildcats could just get a seven seed in the 2014 NCAA tournament.

On March 13th, the Kentucky men’s basketball team were 22-9 and had lost three out of their last four games. Completely sober, but definitely crazy, Tyler Black took $80 into Vice & Virtue Tattoo Studio in Berea, Kentucky. Black came out with a tattoo on his calf proclaiming the Kentucky Wildcats as the 2014 NCAA tournament champions, even throwing in the number nine to represent what would be their ninth title. The response on Twitter was so bad, Black was thinking he might have to delete his account if Kentucky didn’t win it all.

Now the Kentucky Wildcats have Tyler Black looking like some kind of modern day prophet. The young Kentucky squad featuring five freshman have grown up in the national spotlight. A preseason favorite pick to win it all, they had been left for dead by many analysts. While everyone was talking about Michigan State and Wichita State, Kentucky took care of business in the Midwest bracket. Tyler Black’s tattoo has now taken on a life all its own. The noise about the 22 year old machinist became more than a buzz after Kentucky defeated Louisville in the Sweet 16 and then single handedly disposed of Big 10 giants, Michigan and Wisconsin. Now Kentucky is only one game away from proving Tyler Black to be the greatest sports genius in recent history. CBS got wind of the story and after Kentucky beat Wisconsin 74-73 on Saturday night, offered Black two tickets to the 2014 NCAA tournament championship game. How did Tyler decide who would go with him to the biggest game of the year?

Tyler Black and his friend Nathan Harrison will be at the 2014 NCAA tournament championship game to hopefully watch the Wildcats win it all. The only question is, what will Black do if Kentucky loses?