‘Pokemon’ Google Maps Prank Spawns Fan Made MMO

The Pokemon Google Maps April Fools prank has given some gamers an idea, and now they’re taking things into their own hands. The joke was the idea that Google Maps was looking for professional Pokemon trainers, and had released an app which allows fans to find the lovable pocket monsters throughout the real world.

The fan made game took that idea and ran with it. Completely unauthorized by Nintendo or Gamefreak, the pre-alpha Pokemon NXT takes Pokemon and plugs it into an MMO, and is apparently what gamers have been waiting for. Nintendo didn’t make the game, so the fans did. Perhaps after Nintendo takes notice, they will buy out the fan made game and expand on it. That doesn’t seem likely though.

Last year it was revealed that Nintendo had copyright claimed any YouTube video that featured their properties, even parodies. Instead of having them removed, they simply demanded that the money be redirected. They even ordered the online feed shut down when EVO 2013 featured Super Smash Bros Melee without their permission (they eventually allowed it to proceed). Perhaps if nobody is making money or there is no easy way to do so, Nintendo won’t touch the project created by fans and inspired by the Pokemon Google Maps prank.

Don’t expect them to support Pokemon NXT, either.

The best case scenario for this Pokemon MMO is that Nintendo takes notice, hires the fans who made it, and has them cooperate with Gamefreak to make an official Pokemon spinoff. The biggest problem with this is that Pokemon X and Y are still selling quite well, and releasing something too similar might cut into their profits. Nintendo has put a lot of time and money into the last official release and probably won’t abandon it until they know they won’t make enough to profit any more.

In order for Nintendo to make the fan made Pokemon MMO profitable, they would need to tie it in to the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter apps, and possibly make it so Pokemon X and Y will interact with it. It is yet unknown how the creators of Pokemon will react, but as the game inspired by the Pokemon Google Maps has shown, it’s what the fans want.

The download link for the offline game no longer exists, though the browser version can be found here. Perhaps Nintendo will buy the game off the creators and offer it as a bonus alongside Pokemon Z? Knowing how Nintendo is with their game rights, the Pokemon MMO could end up a secret project re-released under Gamefreak in a few years.

One thing is clear after the Pokemon Google Maps April Fools prank: The fans want a Pokemon MMO.

[image via YouTube]