Susan Boyle Performs At London’s Hammersmith Apollo To A Packed Audience

Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who rose to fame following her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009 has come a long way since then. Recently, the 53-year-old Susan performed to a packed audience at London’s famed Hammersmith Apollo, thereby cherishing her long awaited dream of performing at the venue. Her performance at the Hammersmith Apollo comes just a few months after she performed to packed audiences in her first ever solo concert series in Scotland.

At London, Susan Boyle came elegantly dressed in a midnight blue, floor-length sequined gown. She mesmerized her audience with her vocal range. The concert immediately drew applause from her fans and critics alike, reports the DailyMail. The concert was also interspersed with the unique style of talk and banter that made Susan famous in the first place. The concert was also backed by an orchestra which complemented Boyle’s singing.

Susan’s latest concert at London is part of a 19-Day tour spread across the United Kingdom. Boyle is slated to perform at Plymouth, Stoke, Cambridge and Northampton in the weeks to come as well.

The London performance also comes just four days after Susan celebrated her 53rd birthday at the Leicester De Montfort hall. On the day, she was presented a two tiered cake covered with candles by her management team on stage. The team also presented Boyle with a sash that had the ‘I’m a birthday girl’ phrase on it that she wore for the rest of her performance there. The audience too had joined in the celebrations following which Susan gave them all a customary “Su-Blow.’

In the meantime, another of Susan Boyle’s show was in the news for an unfortunate incident. Before the Manchester concert at the city’s Bridgewater hall, also part of this current tour, a man was taken ill after he was found to have collapsed on his seat. The man was given emergency CPR and an ambulance was called in. While the concert started five minutes late, Susan Boyle wasn’t aware of the mishap. The organizers later thanked the audience at the concert who had helped the man and administered first aid before the medics arrived.

This latest string of pan UK concerts by Susan Boyle comes nearly a year after she performed her first ever solo concert across Scotland. All of them were attended by packed audiences with over 98 percent of the tickets having been sold well in advance.

[Image via Independent, UK]