Brock Lesnar Conspiracy Theory: Undertaker Loses Accidentally, Or WWE Plan?

A Brock Lesnar conspiracy theory is being floated based upon the assumption that The Undertaker planned to retire from the WWE as far back as 2010. But another theory claims the whole thing was one giant accident.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Undertaker losing WrestleMania 30 was the biggest shock of the night, with the reaction of the fans almost more notable than the match itself. Although many found it shocking there were apparently hints along the way that this may happen.

Only several days ago several articles were published suggesting that when Brock Lesnar and Undertaker met at a 2010 UFC fight they hatched a plan to have Taker lose in a future WrestleMania. It was reported:

“Undertaker believed it would be the right thing for business, however, nobody took it seriously. Lesnar and Undertaker did a worked shoot around the time of this suggestion, the infamous face off at UFC 121 during Ariel Helwani’s interview with Taker. In the end no match ended up being put together, despite the buzz from the face off, Lesnar was still a UFC contracted fighter.”

The report also points out that the “2010 version of Brock Lesnar” would have guaranteed that Undertaker’s streak was “ended on the biggest limelight possible.” Ironically, the same report claimed it was “hard to believe that Undertaker would willingly end his streak against a part timer.”

It seems everyone thought the same thing, which might explain the reactions so far. Lesnar, for all his capabilities, is viewed as a part-timer who can’t go back to the UFC because of his health problems. If the WWE management really wanted Undertaker to retire then it would make more sense to build up a legend killer, or at least pick out someone he’s feuded with many times in the past.

But some of our own readers have suggested another type of Brock Lesnar conspiracy theory. It’s claimed that Undertaker losing was a mistake or an accident. For evidence for this idea, they point to how Paul Heyman was freaking out while there was a delayed reaction with both the background music and color commentators. After all, it does seem odd how Daniel Bryan’s triumph was calculated to make the fans extremely happy, so why would Vince McMahon do something completely out of left field like this? After all, the WWE is a business and fans were walking out of the stadium after the match result and people on social media are talking about canceling their WWE Network subscription.

There are multiple ways that Undertaker’s retirement could have been done better. If ending the streak was the plan, they should have done something amazing like have all the previous wrestlers from the streak (minus CM Punk) dress up as zombies and suddenly pop from the coffins to rescue Taker at the last moment. Or perhaps Kane could have bursts through the ring floor and yanked the Taker and Brock down to fight in hell. They could have even followed up with a video showing an epic battle for two men’s souls, with the loser forfeiting his soul and retiring. Then they both vanish.

Do you think the Brock Lesnar conspiracy theory might be true and Undertaker losing was a mistake?