Unofficial Flappy Bird Sequel Gains No. 1 Spot As Other Clones Add Features

Flappy Bird fans have been enjoying a supposed sequel to the popular game. However, it is a fake version and certainly no sequel.

A new game by the name of 'Flappy Bird: A New Season' is gaining significant popularity amidst confirmation from original Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen that he would like to bring the game back. However, the game isn't commissioned by Nguyen and neither is made by its company Gears Studios. The game wasn't even released via Nguyen's App Store account, reported PocketGamer. But there's an onslaught of other "Flappy Bird" clones and games similar to it. This makes identification quite difficult.

The makers of this fake sequel are trying all sorts of techniques to push the game as original. A fake Twitter account claiming to be from Nguyen has been tweeting about the game in recent days in an attempt to promote it. The fake game appears to be an exact replica of the original Flappy Bird. There are no new features, gameplay modes, or anything else that has been added or tweaked in the game.

When Nguyen announced Flappy Bird will make a come–back he did mention that this version will have some sort warning like 'Please take a break' to urge gamers to put away the game that had recently become the cause of aggravated assault, as reported by IB Times.

Flappy Bird's sudden departure from the App Stores was a shocker to the gaming community who had gotten addicted to its ultra–simplistic gameplay that had no levels, no game–saves or even lives. The flapping bird, if hit by an obstacle, had to start anew. It was this addiction that harassed the creator while the game was live and that made Nguyen very uncomfortable. Citing these two reasons, Nguyen took down Flappy Bird. But unfortunately, game developers quickly cashed–in on the huge void and filled the App Store with Flappy Bird clones, albeit some which are quite interesting.

A game by the name of Street Flapper neatly manages to combine Capcom's Street Fighters with Flappy Bird's gameplay. While clearly infringing upon Capcom's Intellectual Property rights, the game doesn't monetize itself and hence Apple has presumably allowed its existence.

Flappy Bird's influence on the gaming community is too big to ignore even for the maker, who has promised its comeback soon. But till then, the copy–cats are making hey while the sun shines.

[Image Credit | TechHive]