Undertaker’s Streak Breaking Brings Fans To Tears

The Undertaker had a huge night at Wrestlemania XXX. It was a night he wouldn’t remember, nor anyone else for that matter. It is the night his streak would be broken by “The Beast”, Brock Lesnar. However, according to The Inquisitr‘s opinions about this year’s “Grandest Stage of Them All”, Undertaker probably wanted to lose to Lesnar. The theory goes all the way back to 2010 when both Undertaker and Lesnar had words to exchange at a UFC event.

Honestly, it is probably good that Undertaker did lose because he is surely getting old and probably wanting to retire. It was evidently clear that Undertaker was a lot slower going into this match compared to his last five matches against CM Punk, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. Also, outside of the WWE, Undertaker has three daughters to be a father to, two with his ex-wife Sara, and one with Michelle McCool.

Still, that doesn’t mean the WWE Universe is happy about it. As a matter of fact, many fans are extremely sad for Undertaker’s loss. He is, to some, a childhood hero who could never lose at a Wrestlemania. If you check out Twitter, you’ll see a flurry of #ThankYouTaker hashtagged tweets…most of them are either sad or honoring.

I know that taker is retiring. But why not make him go in glory #ThankYouTaker #WresleMania30

— Andy (@j_andyyy) April 7, 2014

In the end, all we can say is thank you for all the memories Undertaker. Your twenty-one straight victories have been some of the most entertaining matches in WWE history, and it was an honor to watch you perform.

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