Ultimate Warrior VS Hulk Hogan At WWE WrestleMania 30?

Could we see Ultimate Warrior get physical at WWE WrestleMania 30?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, we evaluated the chances that Hulk Hogan would be given any match at all at WM 30. Although he’s now officially part of the show, long-time fans want to see some action, but it’s possible that he’ll only be a figurehead intended to draw in the casual audience demographic.

In comparison, Ultimate Warrior says he’s in excellent physical condition even at 54 years old:

“I’m still very intense, I’m still in great shape, and the way the business is today, I think something could be arranged. But that 90s version of The Ultimate Warrior can’t be done. He’s my muse. I wake up every morning and I’m inspired by him, but trying to go back and bring him back 25 years later, there’s just no way.”

So even though he’s in the same age range as Hulk it sounds like he could handle the physical strain of WrestleMania 30. Speaking of which, one of Warrior’s fondest memories is of when he faced off against Hogan at WrestleMania:

“I have a lot of great memories, including my match against Randy [Savage] in WrestleMania VII. A lot of people say they enjoyed that more than the Hogan match. The Hogan match had so much meaning that it’s impossible not to list among my favorites, but I had all kinds of incredible matches against guys like Rick Rude and André the Giant. It was an incredible match—all the excitement, all the drama of the false finishes, and then the first time Hogan lost clean, and that really meant something. Of course, everything is choreographed, but that speaks even more strongly about what type of impact The Ultimate Warrior was going to have on the business.”

Hulk and Warrior have also apparently made up after feuding over the years:

“At the end of the day, bro, this whole thing with Warrior, if he was here right now, I would call him Warrior because that’s his legal name, for me, to move forward because I think it would be great if we could do business together. I would say brother, if I did anything to you, if I said anything wrong, maybe I did maybe I didn’t, I really don’t remember too much history about all the negative stuff, so if I did anything wrong I apologize.”

The official comments by Hulk Hogan’s Twitter account have also been very positive:

The question remains whether or not Vince McMahon will allow Warrior to take center stage during tonight’s event or if his welcome back tour ended when he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame this past Friday. After all, Vince did have James Brian Hellwig suspended over a money dispute and there was a lawsuit over a 2005 DVD that cast Ultimate Warrior in an unflattering light.

But as I’m writing this the WWE Network just ran a section on Warrior and it’s all been very positive. It was also revealed yesterday that Warrior signed a multi-year contract with the WWE although the details were not released. That doesn’t mean he’ll fight, or that Hulk is even physically capable of a match, but it’s possible Warrior will get physical in some manner. What do you think may happen tonight at WrestleMania 30?