April 6, 2014
Burger King Enters The Breakfast War With $1 Value Menu

Burger King doesn't plan to let Taco Bell and McDonald's steal all the business during the so-called "breakfast war." The fast food chain is fighting back with a ploy of its very own.

Since Taco Bell decided to start slinging Waffle Tacos and Crunchwraps to folks looking for something to eat in the mornings, many believe that the restaurant could knock McDonald's from its throne. However, Burger King is attempting to lure folks away from these establishments by offering up food on the cheap.

News of Burger King's new Breakfast Value Menu arrived courtesy of a recent tweet from Hedgeye Risk Management restaurant analyst Howard Penney. The post in question featured an ad that pimped new items on the company's King Deals menu. In short: Burger King is hoping to win the war by giving people a simple breakfast for very little cash.

Check out Penney's tweet below.

If you can't read the fine print at the bottom of that image, Burger King essentially proclaims that the items are only available for a limited time. Unfortunately for folks living in Alaska and Hawaii, you're going to have to shell a bit more for the items featured in the advertisement.

While some folks will no doubt flock to BK for the new King Deals breakfast menu, it's doubtful that this new price point will lure curious parties away from Taco Bell's foray into the world of eggs, sausage, and bacon. However, whether or not the company can get people to come back for more is the million dollar question.

Deutsch LA CEO Peter Favat, whose company is responsible for creating Taco Bell's Ronald McDonald commercial, said people are already conditioned to head to McDonald's or Burger King for their morning meal. Getting these people to reprogram their brains for a different experience could prove problematic in the long run.

"People are so tired in the morning, they've almost preprogrammed their cars to take them to McDonald's. So we needed something that would grab people by the lapels and make them pay attention. It had to be bigger than just focusing on the menu," he told Nation's Restaurant News.

What do you think about Burger King's attempt to win the so-called "breakfast war"? Do you think the $1 Kings Deal breakfast value menu will convince people to stop by BK for a bite to eat?

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