The Rock Set For Wrestlemania 30, Now Rehearsing Segment

Dwayne Johnson, better known to his fans as The Rock arrived in New Orleans on Saturday. Rock posted as much on his twitter account and, of course, WWE posted a story asking what The Rock’s plans were for Wrestlemania 30 0n their official Facebook page.

We know The Rock is in town. Is he going to get physical however? Word has it that The Rock is rehearsing a segment for WrestleMania, so we know full well that he will be of use at the show. The segment most likely will have something to do with a major rival of his, Steve Austin.

What might hurt the events will be if CM Punk is there. If Punk is at the event, there is supposed to be a confrontation between he and Austin. If Punk does not show up, Rock will potentially be in a segment with Austin. Most people would be okay with potentially the best WWE rivalry over the years being relived a slight bit.

WWE has been contacting several past legends, so it makes sense that The Rock will be present at the 30th anniversary. It will be uncertain currently on who all will be at the event, but most feel that we shall see a lot of our old favorites. The Rock’s segment will be interesting to see, even if the other legends do not entertain us. Usually Rock is all about the entertainment.

The Rock was speculated to be at WrestleMania each year since his comeback a couple of years ago. Sadly, Rock was just now wrapping up his Hercules film and of course, he was working on Fast and Furious 7. Fast 7 was halted with the passing of Paul Walker, and it is said to be restarting near the summer time. This allows Universal to rewrite the script.

Due to his schedule with both Fast 7 and Hercules, Rock was unable to be around for a set up to Mania. This meant that unlike the last two years, Rock would not be in a top match at the show of shows. However, thankfully that is not stopping The Rock from being at WrestleMania to entertain the million….and millions of his fans.

Many believed that The Rock would not show up at all. It seems that he made time in his schedule to be around, so one would imagine that he would be around until Mania is up and then leave to go on a promotional tour for Hercules. Many of us are excited to smell what The Rock is cooking.