Goonies Sequel Could Include Original Cast

According to a widely reported statement made by director Richard Donner, a Goonies sequel is “happening.” The brief admission by Donner was made to while the Goonies director was on camera signing autographs.

Aside from The Goonies, Donner has also directed famed films including Superman, Radio Flyer, Lethal Weapon, and Conspiracy Theory, among others.

Donner’s promise of a sequel to 1985 Goonies, one of the most iconic movies of the 1980’s, has led to questions about how the original cast might be involved. The plot of the first Goonies movie was a group of kids on a treasure hunt in a desperate attempt to save their houses from foreclosure.

The cast of kids in The Goonies, who may or may not appear in the sequel, included Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, and Jonathan Ke Quan. The sequel might also include one of the Goonies bad guy characters, Joe Pantolino.

Some of the child actors from the Goonies cast went on have long careers in the entertainment industry. Sean Astin, who played determined Mikey in the original Goonies, has gone on to branch out into directing and producing. His biggest commercial score has been as hobbit Samwise “Sam” Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Josh Brolin, who played the cool older teen Brand, also went on to producing and directing after appearing in The Goonies, and his other notable acting credits include True Grit, the George W. Bush biopic W., and No Country for Old Men.

One of the most memorable characters from The Goonies was played by Corey Feldman, who played Mouth. If he doesn’t appear in a Goonies sequel, Feldman will have 35 years as a steadily working actor under his belt. He has appeared in films such as Zero Dark Thirty, and another 1980’s classic, Stand By Me.

Whether or not the original cast appears in a Goonies sequel, the promise of commercial success is highly likely. The original film grossed over $61 million and over $9 million on its opening weekend—making The Goonies the number two top grossing opening film at the time.

Though sequels are sometimes unpopular with fans, a sequel to a highly popular movie like Goonies could be successful with Donner at the helm. Donner has worked on other films that went on to more than one sequel that had popular and commercial success, including Lethal Weapon and Superman.

The original story of Goonies was written by Steven Spielberg and the screenplay was written by Chris Columbus. It’s not clear who would write the story or screenplay to a Goonies sequel.