WWE WrestleMania 30 Results: Undertaker Loses Streak, But The WWE Tells Daniel Bryan Yes!

The WrestleMania 30 results are in and the WWE has officially told Daniel Bryan yes! But that’s the good news, now for the bad…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, while we thought some moments of WrestleMania 30 were good we have to say we were disappointed otherwise. Sting did not show at all despite the rumors. The Rock was there only for show. The same can be said for Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, although the latter kept making threats like he was about to start some action. There were so many things that could have been done better and even the fans who were chanting CM Punk during the Daniel Bryan finale were left hanging.

Daniel Bryan Facepalm

Still, the most astounding moment has to be when The Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar ended with the beast winning. It was so shocking that fans inside the New Orleans Superdome did not know how to react. Some people are already claiming that Undertaker losing was not in the original plans and it may have been accidental.

Of course, you’re probably wanting to know how Bryan’s fight went down. First off, I’d suggest checking out the Daniel Bryan VS Triple H article to see how he won. The final match of the night was the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship belt, but this did not get too interesting until Triple H showed up as part of the no disqualification match.

Even a crooked referee came in to help the authority and Triple H’s infamous sledgehammer made an appearance. It was only once Batista and Orton teamed up to put Bryan through the tables, and he was supposedly injured and knocked out, that the yes movement realized how unfair the match was becoming.

Even as Bryan was trundled out of the ring on a medical stretcher we knew something would happen. Sure enough, the yes movement rose him back to life and he came back on the ring. From there on the match seemed to become more fair, with Orton and Dave Batista not attempting to dance to the tune of Triple H. After multiple attempts, Bryan managed to get the beast to tap out, putting an end to the dreams of the metrosexual fashionista.

So where does that leave us? We’ll of course have Monday Night RAW tonight to see which direction the story will be going, but otherwise it seems like many ideas have hit their end with the WrestleMania 30 results.